20 Dog Owners Share Stories That Prove Dogs Really Are Man's Best Friend
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20 Dog Owners Share Stories That Prove Dogs Really Are Man's Best Friend

"Life is good, but better with a dog. "

20 Dog Owners Share Stories That Prove Dogs Really Are Man's Best Friend
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As people, we have a lot of emotions wrapped up in our canine friends. If I were to list movies that made me cry, a good chunk of those would be movies about dogs. Marley and Me, Where the Red Fern Grows, Old Yeller, and The Call of the Wild all made me shed more than a tear or two. If you're like me, you probably grew up with a dog that holds a special place in your heart. I was lucky enough to get to talk to several people about their childhood dogs and their answers are... well, grab a tissue.

1. Ducky

Ducky has been my best friend through it all, she has made me feel safe, and made sure I was never alone. I believe Ducky has taught me so much about loving others and friendship. Ducky is very loyal to me and protective of me. Any time I go home to visit I'm greeted with a tail wag and she can't help but jump all over me and she will run in circles. My mom said when I left for college she sat outside of my bedroom door every single day.

2. Button


Natalie Kozik

Button is the apple of my eye. He showed up in my yard during Christmas and we've been BFFs ever since. He has so much personality and loyalty. I know if a person were to have the same qualities as Button, I would probably hate them. But for some reason when it's Button I love it. He's great.

3. King

One Christmas, one of us bought him a rubber ball and wrapped it up and put it under the tree with tons of other stuff. We all went out to dinner one night and when we walked in the house he was sleeping in the corner with his unwrapped Christmas present between his paws. King was a great watch dog and family dog.

4. Julie

This was my favorite dog. I remember her specifically because one time when I was first learning how to ride my bike I fell off into a puddle of mud. I started crying and she came and rubbed her nose on me trying to help me up. She licked my face and I started laughing and everything was okay.

5. Bear

The dog went everywhere I went. He was my protector and my security blanket.

6. Finn

Finn is and always will be my absolute best friend. He is more than a dog to me. We got him while I was in high school and I have never felt more connected to an animal like I do him. He stays with me here in college every couple of weeks and brings so much joy into my life.

7. Flopsy

Caring for Flopsy meant learning how to give dog baths, nail clipping, and daily brushing. We were responsible for his daily care including walks every few hours, feeding him, and teaching him basic obedience commands and tricks. Having Flopsy for 15 years also taught us about losing a beloved family member.

8. Izzy


William Baxter

Izzy was always there at my darkest moments in life. She was a tomboy but also had a compassionate side. Last November her health was failing, this was the healthiest dog I ever knew. But in November she kept slipping into minor seizures, and by February I knew it was the end. She peacefully went to sleep forever at the vet's office as we stroked her, and held her close. Izzy gave me 17 years of the most loyal, faithful love anyone could ask for.

9. Wolf

I loved Wolf dearly. So very many memories of him. I've loved big dogs ever since. He used to get in bed between my twin sister and me and then shove her off the bed. She was a hard sleeper. I was so safe with him. I learned very early to be strong and have a commanding presence. It has served me well throughout my whole life.

10. Angel

Well, she's old and rude now, but she was a Christmas gift from my grandpa so after he died a few years later, every time I look at her I think of him. She also taught me lots of responsibility!

11. Prince

My father died when I was 8. After he passed, my mother never spoke of him. I was let to grieve and figure out life after him alone. I was an only child so there wasn't any support for me at all. This crushed me, but I vowed to never cry and show my weakness to anyone. Anyone! Shortly after this, my cousin's dog had some puppies. She asked my mom if she wanted one. She agreed to bring one home to me. This was my Prince. With him, I could finally cry. With him, I had a friend who would never leave my side and thought I was the best person in the world. He saved my life and every dog since then has given me greater strength and resilience to face any situation. I will always have a dog by my side.

12. Scooby

I love the stories my mom tells about him! I do remember that we we got him I INSISTED on naming him Pencil. I argued with my mom about it forever. I just knew that his name has to be Pencil. Luckily my mom vetoed that name and we went with Scooby.

13. Ragsy

Ragsy made me go through life with the understanding that life's not complete without a great dog in it.

14. Boygo

Boygo was a white Samoyed, he wouldn't allow anyone near me except for my granddaddy and my nana. He saved my life, literally, when I was 6 years old, but it cost him his.

15. Toby

There wasn't really anything special about Toby, but I loved him so much. When I found out he died I was in fourth grade. Later that year I tried to write about Toby for a school assignment but I couldn't do it without bursting into tears! Love of my life.

16. Mickey

My parents insisted Mickey sleep in the garage. We lived in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan so the winter nights could be very cold. I felt very bad that he was not allowed to sleep in the house. Although I found this sad, in the '50s this was a common view of parents and I now understand. He was my best friend, was always there to listen to my problems, and understood how his kisses always made me feel better. He passed away while I was away in US Navy boot camp and I was devastated. Life is good, but better with a dog.

17. Cookie


Hannah Holloway

Cookie has become very grumpy in her old age. She taught me that I can put up with annoying people because she does that every day with our other, younger dog. I love Cookie so much.

18. Sydney

Most people probably wouldn't think she was anything special, but I don't think I'll ever love a dog as much as I loved Sydney. We grew up together and got into trouble together, she was the coolest dog I've ever met, no contest. I still miss her a lot from time to time. As a gift after she got sick and passed away, my mom got me a necklace engraved with her name and a paw print, it is my favorite piece of jewelry, I love when people ask about it and I get to tell stories about Syd.

19. Gracie

I got Gracie when I was in 5th grade. I begged for a dog and my mom finally let me get Gracie! She has been a great friend to all of us and she has kept my uncle on his feet since my mom passed. She's impacted my whole family in a great way, she has been a great dog and great friend for most of my life.

20. Popcorn

I would not be alive if not for Popcorn. Popcorn had an ingrained herding sense. He would have made an excellent sheepdog. Popcorn decided I was his sheep and the yard was our pen. Something attracted my attention outside the gates, I made a beeline for the street and would have run straight out into it. Grandma noticed and yelled for me and ran towards me. Popcorn saw his lamb leaving the pen and ran for me grabbed me by the back of the shirt and pulled me onto my bottom giving Grandma time to grab me, just as a car zoomed by.

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