12 Reasons Dogs Are WAY Better Than Humans

12 Reasons Dogs Are WAY Better Than Humans

Because this is apparently even a question.


Do I genuinely believe dogs can be better than humans? No question. Is this also me using an opportunity to share some of my (way too many) photos of my favorite dogs? Hell yeah.

1. They'll always protect you.

Shani Goloskov

A dog will be one of your fiercest protectors. Then again, their idea of protection sometimes includes barking at things like squirrels and plants. Or your grandparents.

2. Two words: DOG SNUGGLES

Shani Goloskov

So my dog isn't really a snuggler, but my boyfriend's dog is a big snuggly boy. Dogs can be the cuddliest creatures ever. Snuggling with a dog is so calming and will cue insta-happy mode.

3. Dogs don’t make you feel guilty for eating unhealthy food

Shani Goloskov

They'll just stare you down until you give them some.

4. Dogs don’t judge you when you dance around the house

Shani Goloskov

I'm 99% sure I've gotten some judgmental looks from my dog when I do this, but we'll interpret those as "I'm a dog and don't know what's going on" rather than judgmental. However, she is certainly a queen of side-eye.

5. They’re always down for a good time

Shani Goloskov

You give the slightest indication of something exciting, like a small gasp, and they get all hyped up. It's freaking hilarious.

6. Doggo reactions are the purest thing.

Shani Goloskov

There's something so innocent and sweet about watching a dog's reaction to something. There's nothing behind it but the simple emotional reaction, because their brains don't work like ours do. This is how my dog looks when she's about to get a treat or go outside: pure, wide-eyed excitement.

7. They give the best greetings

Shani Goloskov

Getting kisses, dog hugs and fur the second you walk through the door? Even when you've only been gone for five minutes? Now that's love. My dog is also a little goofball who likes to put one paw over your arm so you'll stay there and pet her.

8. They can help you get in shape

Shani Goloskov

Did someone say walk???

9. Dogs can be so smart

My dog has figured out that the Keurig going on, me grabbing certain mugs from the cabinet, and the stirring of my sugar spoon all are signs she's about to go outside.

10. Their curiosity is adorable

Shani Goloskov

Okay so sometimes this can get problematic. But ultimately, it's cute. Dogs always want to know what's going on and what something new is.

11. They fall asleep in the funniest places and/or positions

Shani Goloskov

My boyfriend's dog loves curling up in the bathroom. If he's not out in the living room at night, he's probably on the bathroom floor, belly up and dead to the world. And mine...mine once almost fell asleep with a ball in her mouth!

12. Dogs love you unconditionally

Shani Goloskov

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5 Ways Impulsively Getting A Dog Saved My Mental Health

Those four paws are good for a lot more than just face kisses.


Shortly before my husband and I officially moved out onto our own, he surprised me with a puppy in hand on the morning of our anniversary. Moving out, tackling college, and everything in between, I thought another huge responsibility was the last thing I needed. However, in reality, Oakley, the lab/Australian shepard/collie mix, was exactly what I needed to get back to "me."

He provides emotional support

One of the most obvious reasons is how much emotional support dogs, (and other respective animals) can provide. His paws have been accidentally stepped on, and he certainly isn't a fan of the forced flea/tick medication doses, but less than 30 seconds later, he is without fail immediately by my side again, tail wagging and ready for more kisses. Although he is not trained or certified as an ESA, it's without a doubt he has effectively (and unconsciously) combated random anxiety attacks or feelings of being alone.

He requires being cared for

You'll heavily judge every crazy fur mama, as did, I until you become one. Getting Oakley immediately got me consistently back on my feet and forced me to ask myself, "What does he need today?"Even simple, easy tasks like taking him out to run/go to the bathroom had me excited and forced me to find a motive in the day to day activities. I loved no longer having even the mere choice to be unproductive. Don't want to start your day? Well, Oakley needs his day started, so let's get moving.

He serves as protection

It's no surprise how far a dog's loyalty will go to protect their owner. For decades, specially trained dogs have had life-saving responsibilities assigned to them. Even being married, my husband and I's schedules vary significantly to where it is not uncommon for me to be alone. The slightest sound or shadow from outside our door immediately initiates barking. In the bathroom taking a shower? He's there. Knowing that Oakley is looking out, even when I get carried away with tasks like cooking dinner, always calms my nerves.

He's become something to look forward to

The nice thing about having Oakley is regardless of how my day goes, I know exactly how it is going to end. Whether I passed an exam with flying colors or got the lowest grade in the class, I know what waits for me when I open the door at home. After a long day, nothing resets my mood like walking into a face that is just as happy and excited to see me!

He encourages bonds with others

If you want your social interaction to sky rocket: get a puppy. No, I'm serious. You'll have people wanting to come over and visit "you" (let's be real… your puppy), like it's your last day on Earth. For me, this was exactly what I needed. Getting Oakley had family members constantly checking in to see how he was growing, learning, etc. Not only did this encourage more interactions with family and friends, but it also "livened" my husband and I's home life. Instead of the "normal" weekend nights consisting of Netflix and MarioKart, (which are enjoyable in their own respective ways), spending our nights playing Monkey in the Middle with our new four-legged friend has proven much more entertaining.

So ideally was it the right time to get a dog? Probably not. However, adding Oakley to my small little family combated anxiety and depression in ways I wouldn't have ever thought possible.

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Being A College Student Is Ruff And Here Are 12 Reasons Students Shouldn't Have Dogs In College

They just aren't a college pet.


I see so many college students getting dogs and I can't help but wonder how they have time to take care of them while also going to classes, living the college experience and working. Here are 12 reasons it's better to wait to get a dog until after college.

1. They are a lot of work


Especially if you get a hyper dog or a puppy, it's about as much attention as a child needs and most people don't have little ones and go to college for a reason.

2. They limit what you can do


You want to go out for the weekend and go to a fraternity formal, or just want to stay out late with your friends. But your dog needs to be let out for a little bit of the day.

3. Dogs take a lot of time


Like I said, dogs are like children. Children, like dogs, take a lot of time, which students are already limited in.

4. College students just don't have the time


College students struggle financially and have to be in class or work majority of the time anyways, so how would they have more time to spend with a dog.

5. College students are broke already


Dogs cost a lot of money, might be for food, toys or the vet. College students struggle financially as it is.

6. You can volunteer to take care of dogs at shelters


I volunteer frequently at the humane society in my college town and you can play or walk as many dogs as you would like.

7. You don't get to experience college


You can't go out if you have a dog at home to be taking care of.

8. Dogs deserve a huge amount of care


Dogs are great and deserve to have the amount of care that they need.

9. Dogs need a huge amount of care


Not only do they deserve the huge amount of care but they need it. They need to be let outside to run around and play multiple times a day.

10. Dogs need lots of attention


Dogs love people and shouldn't be left alone in a house or apartment all day.

11. Dogs need someone to spend the day with


Dogs get lonely and some even get separation anxiety.

12. Save the dog for after college


Dogs are a great pet, just not for college students. Work hard to be able to give your future dog the life it deserves.

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