Did you ever wonder why dogs are called “man’s best friend?” Or just why a dog follows you around all the time, like they are your shadow? Who else is going to be super excited when you get home from work or school and run around you? Dogs are very loyal and lovable. They love their people more than they love themselves. That is just the kind of animal that they are. They are not selfish mammals, unlike humans. No offense to our race, but we can be very selfish at times.

So why are dogs called “man’s best friend?” A dog enjoys doing activities with their person or people. They love going on walks with us, or just playing with them. Some of them even love going hunting, such as beagles. Some are major family dogs, such as Labradors. Others are good for protection, like pitbulls and Rottweilers. All of them, as long as they are treated well, are amazing dogs. Any dog loves going with their owner places. They will do anything to make you happy. Even when you are sad, they lay next to you or give you kisses to try to make you feel better. When you are angry, they check up on you to see if they could help calm you down. Especially when you don’t feel good is when they enjoy laying on or with you. They believe that it helps to heal you, so you get better quicker. Anything that we do, whatever we feel, a dog tries to improve your mood all the time. And they absolutely love spending time with you. They are great companions!

Why do dogs follow us around all the time? Has your dog ever followed you into the bathroom or sat outside the door and waited for you? Well maybe that is because we walk outside with them while they go to the bathroom or stand and wait at the front door for them to come inside. So they think that, that is how it works. They are just copying what you do. They learn from being around you and your family, as well as other dogs.

Who else would be excited to see you after work or school, other than your spouse/boyfriend/family? You leave them for hours at a time alone at home. I know, we can’t help it. They get excited to see you because they love being with you. When you are gone, they can’t wait for you to come home because it feels like an eternity to them. They just want to be with you. They want you to play with them and just spend time together. That’s their favorite thing to do, spend time with their family.

A dog could be anyone’s “best friend.” They love people who treat them right, and play with them. They are a very social animal when they want to be. But they are definitely more family-oriented. So, instead of a “man’s best friend,” dogs are everybody’s “best friend.”