I Might Have Adopted You, But You Rescued Me
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To The Dog I Adopted, Who Ended Up Rescuing Me

Otto has truly changed my life.


Over two years ago, my mom took me to the human society to meet you. I remember walking over to your pen, you were the only dog that wasn't barking; instead, you were sitting down wagging your tail looking longingly at us. When we took you into the room, you followed me around with a look in your eye that said, "Please love me." The next day we brought you home. We brought into a loving home with another dog, Maggie, who we thought needed you as much as you needed us. As it turns out, we were wrong, we needed you way more. About a week later, Maggie passed away and you became our only dog.

I think it was good timing, or maybe destiny, that we got you when we did. I can't imagine coming home and not seeing you there. I sat on the stairs and you walked up and put your head on my lap. Suddenly, everything was a little better. At first, you had some weird traits, and maybe I've gotten used to them or they have gone away, but one thing was apparent, you had a rough life. I don't know what happened to you before you came into our life, but I am really sorry. At first, you were terrified of the car, maybe it's because you thought that we were going to take you back to the pound, but all it took was for mom to say, "I promise, I will never take you back there," and everything changed.

The first time I got you into a car, you sat across the passenger seat with your head in my lap. You watched me the whole way, and your face told me you felt safe with me and you loved me. From then on, everything changed. You became the love of my life, my boy, and for that I am forever grateful.

We might have saved you from a cage, but Otto, you were the one who rescued me. Although I have had other dogs in my life, and do now, you are special. I never knew what it was like to constantly be followed by the sound of your tail wagging on every piece of furniture I walk by or being met with your brown eyes when I get home, or when I wake up in the morning, you get up to say "hello." Although I have less room in my bed, I wouldn't trade it for anything because sleeping next to you snoring, or you cuddled up to my neck breathing on me, is the best sleep I get.

You've been there for me in ways that you might not understand. When I lie on the floor and you come and lay right on top of me, you really are calming me down. When you let me lay on your belly even though you don't like it, you are comforting me. When you put your cold nose on my neck and lay beside me, you are reminding me how much I am loved. You are always there for me, looking at me with so much love, and reminding me that I am never alone. But you also make me laugh, like when you bark and really sound like a seal, or roll on the floor, and carry around your bone with such joy. You might be getting older, and a little grumpier but you still look like a puppy when you look at me.

You filled a hole that I had in my heart, I never knew it until you became a part of my life. No matter what, you can never be replaced. And I hope you understand that more than anything in the world. I also hope you understand, I love you more than anything in the world. I didn't rescue you, you rescued me, and for that, I am forever grateful.

I love you Otto-pop.


Your girl

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