When you become a dog mom, you start doing and saying things you've probably never thought you would do or say. Your fur baby is your life and the best thing ever. They will drive you nuts, make you die of laughter and make your heart explode with their cuteness all at the same time.

Being a dog mom is definitely a strange and amazing experience. And you know you're a dog mom when you've had any of the following conversations with your dog.

1. What is in your mouth?! Where did you even find that? Spit it out right now! Do NOT swallow that!

Dogs will find the strangest -- and oftentimes grossest -- things to put in their mouths. You will definitely find yourself chasing them and telling them to spit out whatever they find.

2. Who's a good boy/girl? You are! Yes, you are! You are my little pupper. I wuv you so much!

Even if you don't use a baby voice with an actual baby, you will with your dog. Their cuteness is just too overwhelming for you to NOT use a baby voice.

3. OMG, who made this mess? Why would you do this?

Your dog will definitely make its fair share of messes. Whether it's digging up the yard or tearing up toilet paper, your fur baby will give in to the urge to make a giant mess for you to clean up. What could be a better way to greet you home from work than a huge mess for you to clean up?

4. Who's ready to go for a walk? Yes! Let's go!

Seeing your dog get excited about walks will get you excited to take them out for a walk. And you'll tell them to get ready in an excited tone to see them get happy.

5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PUPPER! I can't believe it. We are going to party today. I got you special treats and toys and everything!

Even if you don't make human birthdays a big deal, you will definitely make your dog's birthday a big deal. Whether you throw an actual party or just spoil them even more, you will make their special day incredible.

6. Let go of my clothes! Let it go! Come on I have to do the laundry.

Whether it be socks, underwear, shoes or shirts, your dog will try to steal some item of clothing and make you chase them around the house for it back.

7. Don't worry baby, I will be right back home soon. I love you!

It doesn't matter if you plan on leaving for an hour or the entire day. Whenever you leave the house, you will tell your dog that you are leaving and when you'll be home.

8. Awww! You look so cute! Don't move, I have to get my camera to capture this moment!

They could just be sleeping and we will find it cute. Just face it, you are an obsessed dog mom and you will document every waking moment of your dog for everyone to see.

9. Stop barking. There is literally nothing happening. Just hush.

Dogs bark at EVERYTHING. A vehicle driving outside while you and your dog are safe inside the house? The mailperson delivering the mail? A squirrel running up a tree? Well, obviously, those are all threats and the dog needs to bark at them, duh.

10. You can't fit in there! Just don't try. OK, so you're going to try anyway? I guess.

OK, I'll say it: dogs can be dumb. They will always try to get into something they could never fit in despite you telling them not to try. And yes, you will definitely need to come to their rescue every single time.

11. I hope you know how lucky you are that you are so cute! If not you'd be screwed.

Let's face it, dogs are extremely cute. They have to be. How else could they get away with everything they do if they weren't cute?

12. Don't talk back to me. I said no. Mommy says no and that's it... OK, fine, here you go.

Sometimes your fur baby becomes a rebellious teenager and wants to talk back. There are some sassy dogs out there, and you will definitely get into arguments with them.

13. Bath time! Wait, don't hide! I said it is bath time. Come back here!

When your dog catches on that you are about to bathe them, they inevitably run the opposite direction. We have to trick both my dogs into letting us give them baths. Bath time = hide-and-seek time.

14. You are a pain in the butt, and I love you so much.

Let's be honest, your dog is going to get into EVERYTHING. They are just naturally curious and hilariously mischevious. The things they do will make you want to pull your hair out sometimes. But, at the end of the day, you wouldn't want it any other way. You love your dogs, and they love you just as much.

And yes, you will have conversations with your dog. Just get used to the fact that once you become a dog mom, you also become crazy and would prefer to talk to your dog before some of the people you know. Dogs over humans any day of the week!