17 Reasons Why Dogs Are Man's Best Friend

Let's be real, you do everything with your dog. You know you do. I do, too. I love my dog more than I love anything. So, if you're like me, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

1. He lets me choose what show to watch

Even if he doesn't like my shows, he still sits there and watches with me. A trooper.

2. He sleeps with me

I love taking naps with my puppy. I know he's not the biggest fan of laying with me, but he usually just sucks it up.

3. He is always excited to see me

Every time I come through the door, he cries as if he hasn't seen me in years. He jumps and runs to go get a toy to show me and it's my favorite thing, especially when I come home from school.

4. He protects me

When we leave doors open in our house to let cool air in, he sits at the door and watches the people that walk by to make sure they don't start to walk up the driveway.

5. He doesn't talk back

I get mad at him occasionally, like, when he rolls in poop or doesn't listen. But, he doesn't talk back ever. Not a single bark from my dog.

6. He keeps my secrets

I tell my dog everything because he's trustworthy. Why? Because he can't tell anyone what I told him. HAHA!

7. He is my personal vacuum

He loves this part just as much as I do. He loves to watch me cook and wait for me to drop food — on accident and on purpose.

8. He gets coffee with me

I get coffee a lot AND he always wants to come. He's so good in the car that whenever we head to Starbucks, we get a puppaccino too.

9. He's easy to please

As I said, he loves going in the car so whenever I have to run errands he comes with and he loves it. And, it's perfect because he's in a good mood for the rest of the day.

10. He loves my back scratches

He loves when I rub his belly and his back. His favorite is when I grab his brush to get all his fur off of him, so he doesn't shed as much in the house.

11. He doesn't care what I look like

He loves me at my best and my worst. He's seen me in both states more than once.

12. He always comforts me

He can read me like a book. He knows when I'm sad and always does exactly what he's doing in this picture. If he can't lay in my lap, he leans on me with his head in my face.

13. He makes me feel better when I'm sick

He sleeps next to my bed all day when I'm sick. He doesn't like when I don't leave my bed, so he just lays with me until I'm ready to get up.

14. He exercises with me

We go on walks all the time, and he's a very speedy walker. If we're not walking, we're running around in the backyard with a soccer ball until he's had enough.

15. He loves my friends

He greets my friends with jumps, licks, and loves being around everyone. He likes being the center of attention, especially when other people are over.

16. He's fun and entertaining

He cracks me up. He's just so goofy and unique. He has such a big personality but has the sweetest heart. He loves us very much and so do we.

17. He loves me always

He shows me unconditionally love. He doesn't judge or get mad — he's always there.

Bottom line: my dog is my best friend. If yours isn't, well, good luck, Charlie!

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