6 Things To Do With Your Dog In Los Angeles

6 Things To Do With Your Dog In Los Angeles

Calling all dog people!


Having a pet — specifically a dog — is one of the most wonderful experiences in life. You have a loyal companion who loves you unconditionally and wants to spend all its time with you. It misses you when you're away and is excited beyond measure when you return. What could be better than that?

I'm not the only one who thinks this, either. According to AAG, 83% of Millennials plan to have a pet in retirement. Another survey from Rover found that people are more affectionate with their dogs than their people. All this to say: dogs are incredible and everyone knows it (sorry, cat lovers).

1. Visit one of LA's dog parks.

The City of Los Angeles runs a number of dog parks across the city, so you should have an option or two nearby to where you live. The park in Silverlake is probably the closest one to the USC campus. (Side note: You can volunteer at one of these parks if you'd like.) This is a great option for someone with a very active dog, or someone looking to socialize their pup a little more.

2. Alternatively, try out the indoor dog park.

If your dog doesn't do well in more open environments with more going on, you can try out a more controlled option. In LA (and other cities) there are places like Zoom Room or The Dog Yard that allow you to socialize your dog with more supervision and management in place. It's a great option for a pup that means well but needs to work on its social behavior.

3. Walk around Amoeba.

If you weren't aware, you can bring your dog to Amoeba Music! It's a place any Angeleno needs to visit at some point, so if you haven't gone yet, now is the time -- and why not bring your pup along? The employees will welcome you both as you stroll around through the records.

4. Check out a brewery.

Dogs + beer = the match made in heaven (according to me, anyway). LA has a bunch of breweries all over the city, and some of them are perfect for an afternoon out with your dog. A few options include Golden Road in Glendale, Blue Dog Tavern in the Valley, and Angel City in DTLA.

5. Go to a mall.

I'm of course not talking the Glendale Galleria (but maybe the Americana at Brand). You can take your dog to The Grove or Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, which will give your pet the chance to walk around and get some good exercise. Plus, you can check out some shops or restaurants while you're there.

6. Go for an easy hike.

One of the best amenities of our city is the number of hiking areas that are within a short drive (and usually have parking). Many of these are dog friendly too! A couple good options are Runyon Canyon or Griffith Park, neither of which will be too difficult or tiring for you or your pup. These both are popular options, so probably not the best fit for a dog that doesn't interact well with others. If that's the case, look for a less popular trail or hiking spot.

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