11 Things That Absolutely Make No Sense About College

16 October 2017 //
Hannah Hale

College is an amazing experience. You are finally out on your own and learning about things you love, but there are just some things about college that are ridiculous. You would think that college would be worth every bit of your time, money, and effort, but this is not always the case.
There are things you are not told when you enroll, costs you haven't considered, and random strange situations or concepts that are just plain confusing. Here are 11 things that really don't make sense about college.

1. Classes with attendance policies

I am literally paying to be here. If I want to miss class once in a while, I should be able to without losing a ton of points. If I really was a piece of shit and didn't show up at all, it still shouldn't matter. It's my money, my lifelong debt, and I should reserve the right to a day off.

2. Leftover meal plan money doesn't transfer to the next semester

All I have to say here is that I paid for the meal plan, so I should be able to keep what I paid for if I have some leftover at the end of a semester.

3. For each credit hour, you should spend at least two hours outside of class working homework

Okay, let me get this straight. If I have five classes that are each three credit hours, I should be spending AT LEAST 30 hours on homework? Add these hours on top of class hours five days a week, time for sleep, time for exercise, time for eating, time for clubs and involvement on campus, and a social life. Yeah, nope.

4. Why do books cost more than the iPhone X?

WHY? I mean, how does this not fall under the thousands of dollars we already paid to attend college?

5. The cost of college in general

It totally makes sense to start out your life hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

6. Transfer credits are a pain

Always check to see that the college you are transferring to will accept your credits. Sometimes they won't. Sometimes they will, but they will only count them as electives. Sometimes they won't even let you graduate because your transfer credits outweigh the number of credits you received from the college you transferred to. It's just a mess.

7. Communal bathrooms

NO. NO. Just. No.

8. The FAFSA

This is awesome for the people who are able to receive financial aid, but most of us (who still need it) can't get any financial aid. Their logic is off. Very off. For example, if you have more than one pair of shoes, you should be able to afford the full cost of college.

9. Roommates (especially dorms)

Who thought it was a good idea to put two or three people in a single room together all the time? I mean, it's just a recipe for disaster. At least when you have an apartment, you will have your own room. Roommates are still difficult then, but it's better than being stuck in the same room.

10. Break timing

For the Fall semester, we have Thanksgiving break. The issue is that we have break, then one week of class, and the next week is exam week. For Spring, we get a break in the middle of it all. That makes sense, but why don't we get a long break in the middle of the Fall semester? The Fall semester is longer than the Spring semester, so it would make sense to have a decent break instead of just one break right before finals.

11. Professors that are not required to use the online learning platform

This is so annoying. Please, at least post our grades on there. That is the least you could do.

Some of these may not concern your college, but a lot of them do or will! Make sure you research your route for post-secondary education thoroughly because you can get screwed if you aren't careful. With all of that said, enjoy your time at college and try to overlook the annoying stuff.