I was recently in class when my professor started talking about how the newer generation does not want to drive as much as the older generations.

I can agree to this because yes I do drive, but I don't particularly like it and I would jump at the chance to have someone else drive. Back when Generation X began to drive, they could not wait to get in front of the wheel and take off. While there are always exceptions, I know that there are many people from Generation Y (the millennials) who do drive, but don't exactly jump at every chance they get to drive around town and get in front of the wheel.

But, the question is, why has this changed throughout generations? And, does it have anything to do with technology? Cars nowadays have so much technology in them, that we actually become so reliant on them. If you have a backup camera, chances are you rely on that every time your backing up or backing into a parking spot. If you have a car that stops for you when you get too close to the car in front of you, chances are you know you have a back up there just in case you aren't fully alert when you need to be. And if you have a car that parallel parks, well chances are you haven't parallel parked in years and have totally forgot.

This technology makes it possible for a "machine" to basically be your driver. In years to come we won't be driving and all of our cars will operate on their own without even a steering wheel. In fact, there are already companies working on creating self-driving cars. Does knowing how technology will one day takeover, become the reason people aren't eager to drive as much as they used to be? Well, it may not be the sole reason, but it's a possibility as to why the newer generations don't want to drive as much as older generations.