Do We Truly Need A Religion To Live Moral Lives?

Do We Truly Need A Religion To Live Moral Lives?

When we have our own moral code, we become that much more free.

This is not an argument for or against atheism. This is a clear opinionated stance on whether Religion is vital for us to lead moral lives, whether that be making decisions or caring about others. The most basic moral rules set forth by the Holy Bible come from the well known Ten Commandments. These set the ground rules for how we should treat each other. But should we derive our morals from a book written centuries ago when we already have a set of morals instilled in us at birth? I believe we already have a set of morals before religion is even considered an option (and I call it an option because it truly is). I know I can figure out that murder is wrong, and that surfing through the Ten Commandments is not necessary.

One can choose whether or not to follow a certain religion or not. So does this also mean if one does not follow religion, ones does not have morals? Too many religious followers, that would seem to be the case, but then again, it depends on how "strict" they are with practicing their religion. It seems to me that we can just pick what we like from religion and slap on the title "my religion" and there you have a Muslim, Christian, Jew, or any other sect of religion. A good example of this is the current dilemma with ISIS. ISIS claims they follow the rules of Islam while followers of Islam say ISIS does not represent the core values taught through Islam. This means that those following the words of ISIS are picking certain ideals from Islam to justify their act by simply stating it is done for Allah. Would there be such a denial from Muslims if there was a group that conducted peaceful uprisings? Probably not, because we really want to associate religion with peaceful ideals, no matter how people interpret it. Compare this to Muslims who consider themselves as "moderates". Isn't it weird how we have a term called "moderates" when referring to followers of any religion? This means that there are some who go strictly by that religion and then there are those who do not. which ones are practicing the correct way? If there is not a correct way to practice a religion, then that means there's no reason to follow a religion because we pick what we like anyway. We pick what best suites our individual needs because we know, deep down, that religion does not satisfy those needs. Religion is group based, and most of us aren't willing to conform to a group. We would rather act on our individual interests rather than the group's.

My main challenge for those who suggest we must follow a religion to gain a moral high ground is; what do followers of religion gain over those who live their lives without religion? I think one can acquire and use his or her morals with no need to venture in the fantasy world of religion that indirectly rewards and punishes with an invisible hand those who do not follow said rules. It would be safe to say that because morals derived from religion align with a non-theist's perspective of morals, it would mean man created the idea of religion, hence moral values

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If God Didn’t Intend For Women To Be Equals, Why Did She Make Us So Incredible?

Yeah, I said She.


An article that absolutely infuriates me has gone viral. As a feminist, as a writer, and simply as a woman, it drives me up a wall to see another woman proclaiming that God's plan for women was to "submit to their husbands."

I don't know where to start with all the issues I found in reading the piece, so I'll start with what a feminist is. It's a subjective term and its connotation varies from person to person.

But to me, feminism is being empowered and expressive individuals with open minds and open hearts. They are activists for change and equality. They have concerns about the environment and global warming. They acknowledge issues within sexism and racism and then try to figure out how to solve them. They see that the world isn't perfect.

Feminists are the reason we can vote. They're the reason birth control is an option for us. They're why we're allowed to wear pants. They're why we have careers. The female pioneers paved the way for anything we're allowed to do, and they are why we celebrate the power of women every March.

But instead, the woman who wrote "I'm A Christian And I'm Not A Feminist, Because God Did Not Intend For Women To Be Equals," used our month of pride for clout. And took justification from The Bible to do it.

The Bible is not an instruction manual. It was written over many, many years by hordes of sexist men whose existence we have minimal proof of. And over the last thousand years, it's been translated and reinterpreted more times than anyone could ever keep track of. That's not to say it doesn't have some good lessons, but lessons are all they are.

Thinking your worth and capabilities were planned for you thousands of years in advance is ignorant. Religion and The Bible and God are as subjective as feminism. Everything is open-ended. One person's view of who or what God is not going to be the same as the last.

Commonly, God is seen as a man at the center of the universe who holds all existence in his hands. He is the reason why anyone does anything. He is the rule maker. And He is judging us and waiting for our every mistake.

But as a proud feminist, I've chosen to have my own idea of this holy being. I wasn't brought up in church, but I decided to believe in something much greater than myself or anything I've ever seen just because I wanted to. I want to believe that faith has to come from somewhere, and I didn't want a book making the rules for me.

Just by watching life move through time, I happen to believe God is the good in all of us. Not one being, but he beginning and the end of everything. The push and the pull. The conscious and subconscious. And considering that God is the creator, I've concluded God must be a woman because women are the creators.

And in my experience, women have proved themselves to be much stronger and more capable than any man.

As for what She creates, I think She makes no mistakes. I think She tests our patience and beliefs by giving us what we don't expect. There's intent and love in everything She gives us. I think every woman was made to be relentless, imperfect, fearless, and even a little rebellious.

And if we're saying Adam and Eve were the start of it all, then God proved that right off the bat. God saved the best for last, and then made her a badass. Yes, the first woman came into this world as a rule breaker. She questioned authority. And since the beginning of time, authority has been a snake. The world is our forbidden fruit to bite.

The sole purpose of a woman isn't to submit to anyone. A woman can do whatever she damn well pleases, just as any man. A woman's worth isn't tied to what kind of wife or mother she is and how closely she follows the rules. I was raised by the most incredible mom and wife. She did happen to stay at home with me and be the traditional woman. But while she was home, she taught me how great it is to be a woman. She made sure I knew I could be whoever I wanted and would pay no consequences for that.

My parents didn't raise me in a church. And I never saw that as a flaw or lack of judgment. My southern home was like a church; full of faith and love. But on Sundays, we would sleep in and have a big breakfast at noon because we had too much fun staying up late Saturday night dancing around our living room to music. Whitney Houston, Dolly Parton, Shania Twain, and Madonna led the choir — singing about independence and the power of being empowered as women.

As a feminist, I will not judge those who haven't accepted all the honors of being female. I can just tell everyone how wonderful it is to stand for something. I can set an example so that more women will go forward.

And despite what anyone thinks of feminism, there's nothing exclusive about it. Feminists don't think they're any better than men, they just want the chance to prove their capabilities. It's so much bigger than thinking men suck. The truth is, we should have men at our side, not in front of or behind us. And not for romantic partnerships, but as allies. The best men are feminists too. We can make this walk alone, but there's power in numbers and in diversity.

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