Be careful who you love, little one

For one may cheat you

and one may beat you

Leaving glass fragile body half smashed

Hazy images from shattered mirror


Rearrange the pieces that will never fit

Missing piece puzzle

all the parts are there

but no longer fit

Don’t step

cut your feet

Stay where you are

wait for someone to save you

Be careful who you touch, little one

For one may burn you

and one may freeze you

Burning minds, cold hearts

speak words of hate

Shoving them down the throat

like an unexpectedly large bite

Uncomfortably settling in the stomach

Part of you

for a while

long enough to leave an aftertaste

Be careful who you trust, little one

For one may let you fall

and one may snatch you up

Do not let your tears descend

leaving rivers for others to swim in

Keep them in your own hand

pressed dewdrops against clammy palm

For when you need a kiss

let one go

and if it’s picked up along the way

One with the desire to dry up the dewdrops

And hold the hand that still shakes

Don’t turn back

For they will catch up