You can't go anywhere now without someone telling you to "go vote."

It's on what we watch on TV, all over social media, family members are telling each other and people are even telling their friends. Reminders to register are everywhere, and that's a good thing. So, many people are using whatever platform they have and at the highest level possible. It's good to know that reminders are everywhere, so there are no excuses to not vote.

The midterm elections are more important than ever, and the only real way to make a difference is to vote to change it. We have the power to flip Washington upside down and we should be excited about it. The way our country is being run is upsetting and pathetic. That is why not just having a voice, but also using it, is so important. Young people usually have fresh opinions and that can really help.

So, yes, vote. Early vote, absentee vote, vote on November 6th at your polling location. Do whatever it takes to make your voice heard.

But please do not vote because you feel like you have to and don't vote absentmindedly.

Don't vote based on political party alone, or gender, or age. And don't let anyone tell you who you should vote for based on what they think. Voting is an independent process and first-timers can be swayed and pressured with voting constantly being shoved in their faces. Young people should be encouraged to make their own way.

Vote for policies and people who have done notable things that you agree with. You should know your town, state, or country will be in good hands with the people you vote for. Do enough research to know you're making the right decision. Vote because it's a cool thing to do, but also because you really want to make a difference.

No one should just accept what they're given when we operate under a democracy and with so much freedom to make choices for ourselves. There is no reason to accept defeat when it comes to elections. However, not voting isn't the worst thing one can do.

In some ways, not researching is worse than not voting at all. When someone votes for someone they know nothing about, it takes away from votes that were thought out and it gives someone a vote who maybe shouldn't get it. When people are telling us to "go vote," they mean to become educated to know what side we stand on with every situation and then find people to support our visions.

An uninformed voter is hardly a voter at all.

There are so many resources that will help gather all the information to make conscious decisions. Pave your own path and do what you need to feel comfortable making such a lasting contribution. The country is going downhill fast, so do something about it if you're feeling passionate about it.

Take your time figuring out which candidates are right because your vote is worth a lot and there's a lot riding on it.