Do Not Forget Leelah Alcorn

Since Leelah Alcorn's death, we have seen improvements for trans-rights. Through the media, we have role model Laverne Cox who promotes trans-rights on all her accounts which is shared with over two million followers.

We have also been experiencing a huge controversy of whether or not transgender people should be allowed in the bathroom they identify with at their local Target. Fortunately, even with all the people boycotting because they don't support it, Target has not ceased the new rule.

The 17 year old, Leelah, committed suicide because her parents wanted to change her instead of accept her as a female inside a male's body. The parents continuously tried to make Leelah feel as if God were mad at her for feeling this way, eventually leading to her suicide. Leelah's suicide meant something, as she wanted it to, because people everywhere have read her suicide note and have become more aware of what it is like to feel like a different gender than your assigned gender at birth. Many people do not understand, as they are cis-gender (identifying with your assigned gender), but they still need to be aware that not everyone feels this way and without support, it leads to depression and in the worst case: suicide. Just as homosexuality is being supported through pride parades and local celebrations like "Gay Days Orlando," we need to support trans-rights as much as we can, as well. If you don't know anyone who motivates you to support trans-rights or educates you about how it feels to be trapped, read Leelah Alcorn's story and that will definitely open your eyes. No one should have to feel alone and depressed because of who they are. No one should have to feel un-loved because of who they are. And no one should feel like they have to end their life because of who they are.

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