Disney DIY Halloween Costume

These 10 Original DIY Disney Costumes Are Sure To Bring Some Magic To Your Halloween Party

Who will you be this year?


It's that time of the year again!


Whether you're attending a party or hanging out at home, Disney Halloween costumes are always a crowd pleaser. If you're on a tight budget or a last-minute kind of girl, these Disney DIY Halloween costumes are going to make you the belle of the ball.

These costumes are great if you're riding solo, hanging with your boo or going out with your whole crew. All you need is some basic items of clothing, crafting equipment and of course, a little imagination.

1. Winnie The Pooh Crew

Pin by Charlotte Ashley on let's celebrate | Pinterest | Diy costumes, Halloween diy and Tigger


"People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day." —Winnie-the-Pooh

And this costume is basically doing nothing, anyways! Get some oversized t-shirts and some paint, then you're set! Wear your favorite or get the whole gang together!

2. Toy Story Green Aliens

Pin by sabrina on just me things | Pinterest | Toy story alien, Aliens and Costumes


There are so many different ways you can do this costume. Plus, you can have literally every single one of your friends participate. There's no limit to how many green aliens can be dancing away in a frat house.

3. Snow White's 7 Dwarfs

23 Disney Halloween Costumes That Will Make You Feel Magical


Again, all you need is an oversized t-shirt and a beanie. And seven friends, but you're cool, I bet you have seven friends who also need a Halloween costume.

4. Lilo and Stitch 

Halloween Costumes


Because your friends are your family, so show off your family love. Plus, I bet blue is a great color on you.

5. Cheetah Girls

cheetah girls big little reveal | It's All Greek to Me | Pinterest | Cheetahs, Big and Girls


Because we are sisters, and we hit up Halloween parties together. Find yourself some tracksuits and prepare your Instagram's for some serious #TBT lyric captions.

6. Cruella Deville

DIY Cruella Deville Costume


You always look good in a little black dress. Break out a white wig, a scarf, and some gloves and you're ready to bring some fashion to evil.

7. Remy and Linguini 

Remy & Linguini from Ratatouille Couple Costume … | Themes | Pinterest | Ratatouille, Costumes and Couples


Super easy, super comfy and of course, super cute! Bonus if you get a home cooked meal out of the deal.

8. Carl and Ellie

20 Couples Halloween Costumes You Won't Roll Your Eyes At


But if you really are looking for a cute couple costume, this one is always a winner. The missing tooth is a great touch.

9. Sebastian and Flounder

sebastian and flounder from the little mermaid duo costume | Costumes | Pinterest | Duo costumes, Mermaid and Costumes


Ariel is basic, you're more of an under the sea fan anyways. Life is the bubbles!

10. Mary Poppins and Bert

Think Outside the Princess Box With These Creative Disney Costumes


And finally, the power couple we all know and love. This easy costume will make everyone say "aw."

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17 Memes To Dress Up As For Halloween In 2017

Be the dankest meme in the room.

Halloween is a time when people express themselves through the creative outlet of unique costume. In 2017, a year of legendary memes, dressing up as a super hero or a "slutty bunny" won't do. On the internet, everyone tries to impress each other with "dank memes," so this Halloween, get a do-it-yourself costume of your dankest meme.

Here are 17 funny, yet cheap costume worthy memes of 2017:

1. Obama On Vacation

What you need: Black shorts, black life jacket, dark sunglasses, a big smile, and a presidential dad-bod.

2. Salt Bae

What you need: A white shirt, dark jeans, a brown watch, great hair, round sunglasses, salt, and an oddly satisfying seasoning technique.

3. Cash Me Ousside Girl

What you need: Straight red wig, spaghetti strap tank top, green skinny jeans, a wicked manicure, and an obnoxious attitude.

4. P. Diddy at Met Gala

What you need: A black suit jacket with white pinstripes, black dress pants, shoes with red soles, a matching cape (of course), and a strikingly casual pose.

5. Mocking Spongebob

What you need: brown pants, yellow shirt, black shoes, Krusty Krab hat, and a mocking voice that sounds nothing like the person you are making fun of.

6. Trump's First Order of Business

What you need: Suit, blue tie, a bad toupee, smug look, a dry erase board, and sarcastic/witty comments to write on it.

7. Roll Safe

What you need: Leather jacket, gold watch, a smirk, and poor logic for all situations.

8. What in Tarnation

What you need: A dog in a cowboy hat.

9. Meryl Streep Shout

What you need: A black shirt, chunky silver watch/bracelet, red lipstick, arms strong enough to keep on your face all day, and a bank of hilariously incorrect lyrics stored in the depths of your brain.

10. Sweating Bear

What you need: Brown outfit, ears on your head, a worried expression, and anxiety sweat.

11. George Bush Poncho

What you need: A black shirt, a blue tie, and an uncooperative poncho.

12. Beyonce Pregnancy Announcement

What you need: A burgundy bra, light blue underwear, a light green tinted veil, flowers, and a food baby.

13. Chance at the VMAs

What you need: Blue jeans, a yellow “3" hat, your phone, an unamused look, and a Big Bird-esque funny yellow shirt.

14. Dark Kermit

What you need: A green felt mask with googly eyes, a friend (also with a green felt mask), a black hood, and all of the worst suggestions that are scenarios all too real.

15. Snapchat Hot Dog

What you need: An oddly brown sweatsuit with matching gloves and socks, a green jacket, a tan jacket over the brown one, one red stripe and one yellow stripe, some sick green headphones, and dance moves to match.

16. Boot Bae

What you need: A pink bandeau, light jeans, a black jacket, high pink boots, and a date to be protective over.

17. Joanne The Scammer

What you need: A black wig, a fur jacket, a mustache, and a petty attitude towards all other petty drama surrounding you.
Cover Image Credit: Smosh

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What Kind Of Alcohol Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

Let your horoscope decide what you drink this weekend.


Have you ever wondered what kind of alcohol fits perfectly with your zodiac? Have you ever thought, "if I was a drink, what kind of drink would I be?" Well, look no further because here is a comprehensive list of what kind of alcohol each of the zodiac signs are:

1. Taurus (April 20-May 20)


Relaxed, down to earth, and always there when you need them, Taurus you are just like our good ol' pal beer. You never let us down. You're always willing to relax with a calm night in, eating food and having a good time, which is why you're the perfect counterpart to beer. Beer is perfect while having a nice, chill time at home or the bar.

2. Gemini (May ​21 - June 20)

Vodka Red Bull

Just like the two sides of every Gemini, mixing vodka (a depressant) with Red Bill (which gives you energy), is the best of both worlds. Better watch out though, because while you can be the life of the party, one flip of the switch and you can be an angry drunk. Just like when drinking Vodka Red Bulls, you never know what you're going to get by the end of the night.

3. Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)


You're strong and intense, just like whiskey. There's no moderation, and you're either going full force or going home early. There's also no telling where the night will end up when it comes to Scorpio's or drinking whiskey. Will you fight someone, or will you open up about your true feelings and end the night crying? Who knows.

4. Libra (September 23 - October 22)


Libra, you're friendly, outgoing, charming and idealistic. Just like a nice glass of champagne, you're bubbly, full of fun and always a good time to be around. Basically, you're the ideal drinking partner. Just like champagne, you're full of socialization and the perfect way to do this is by splitting a bottle of champagne with your friends.

5. Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)


You're independent, original and intellectual. You're a classic, just like the Cosmo. Whether you're relaxing after a day of work, or meeting up with your friends at the bar, you're always standing a little bit on your own, and you like that.

6. Cancer (June 21 - July 22)


You're creative, sensitive, and relate to everything and everyone in life. You're life can seem like a roller coaster of emotions which is why wine is the drink you most relate to. Depending on the kind of night, wine also can make a person feel all kinds of emotions -- from happy to sad, creative to festive -- wine just as much of a roller coaster as you are.

7. Leo (July 23 - August 22)


Bold and enthusiastic, packing a punch and always headstrong, Leo, you're one in the same with tequila. You're always the center of attention (whether it be good or bad) and you never run out of energy, which is why you are just like tequila.

8. Virgo (August 23 - September 22)


Virgos are always paying attention to the smallest details, have a deep sense of humanity and are one with nature. This is a sign that's often also misunderstood, and all of these reasons are why Virgo's are so closely related to gin, which many people either don't like or don't understand. You're also very much of a solo act, which is much like Gin in that nothing else even slightly compares.

9. Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)


Energetic, fun, generous and humorous, you are one of a kind, Sagittarius. Just like a vodka OJ, you're enjoyed pretty much by everyone, and tend not to be sloppy while everyone else is getting trashed.

10. Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

All. Of. It.

Capricorns, or should we say chameleons, are the perfect drinking buddies, as they can have fun in pretty much any situation they are thrown into. Capricorn's are your carefree friend who just wants to have fun, and this means drinking pretty much anything they are given. They don't care about much other than partying and getting drunk.

11. Pisces (February 19 - March 20)


You're creative and adventurous. Just like the drink Absinthe, you march to the beat of your own drum. Drinking with a pisces, just like drinking absinthe, is quite the unique experience and you never know what's going to happen by the end of the night. Whatever does happen, however, you know it's going to be an adventure.

Next time you go out, think about what kind of alcohol the stars have aligned for you.

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