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You Can DIY Dior For Your Fashionable, Yet Broke, Wardrobe

The many ways you can ball on a budget while displaying designer.

You Can DIY Dior For Your Fashionable, Yet Broke, Wardrobe

We're all young, dumb, and broke, just like that Khalid song.

Even if you have a steady job with a 401K and health benefits, I guarantee you still feel like you're barely making ends meet. Life is stressful. Looking and being the best you can be every single day is stressful. Especially if you're a fashion major, or just simply into fashion.

Racks of clothes rack up to a lot of money. Just when you bought that coat that's been trending, it's suddenly "out of style." Those shoes you've been saving for? out of stock. It's. So. Frustrating. Most of us are just college students trying to make ends meet while simultaneously trying to make something of ourselves.

In the fashion industry, it's all about who's who and who's wearing what, and "where did you get that from?" We all want to keep up to trends and look good doing so.

My answer to the shopaholic spending sprees I usually (and regretfully) go on, is thrifting. I've found hidden gems and jewels for a fourth of the cost that they're usually retailed at, and it's an amazing feeling! However, most of the time, there aren't designer bags and shoes just laying around in a Goodwill.

So, what do fashion majors do when they're broke but wanting to stay trendy? Innovate! Any blogger or fashion icon you follow most likely has DIY garments all throughout their closets. Whether it be a jumper cut into a cropped sweatshirt or jewelry that wasn't really meant to be jewelry, fashion brings out the creatives in all of us.

So, what's trending right now? If you read my last article, The 1980s Neon Trend Is Back, you'll know that neons are just as hot right now as their bright pigments! But what's also hot: Dior.

Now, I'm not saying that Dior ever wasn't in-trend, because the elegance and timelessness of the fashion house is everlasting, but I'm just saying that their recent products have been killing the game.

So, here's my own game: spot the similarities between these bloggers' outfits:

If you guessed the chunky Dior padlock necklace, you guessed right. This item is all over my Instagram feed and all over my mind. I've even looked into buying one myself (even though I know I'd probably have to take out a loan for it) just for shits and giggles, but these bad boys are sold out, like, everywhere.

So how do we make this hot commodity our own? Innovation. All you need is a chain, a padlock, and probably some keys to get out…

I got a dog collar choke chain from a pet store ($2) since it was plain and simple, then went to Ace Hardware for a mini padlock ($4.) You can choose to spray paint or stain it gold, but I wasn't sure if it'd rub off on my neck, so I kept it plain and silver. I'm more of a silver jewelry kind of gal anyway. All in all, this simple jewelry look cost me $6 and saved me a hell of a lot more than that!

Hot Dior commodity number two is also an accessory. Their infamous saddle bag. Priced at $2,950, this product is a hefty purchase for anyone. However, you don't necessarily have to pay almost 3 grand in order to achieve this chic look.

Missguided actually has a saddle bag that looks almost exactly like it! Minus the Dior keychain and upholstery pattern, This saddle bag is spot on in appearance and shape but varies greatly in price. This bag only costs $33 as opposed to $3,000, and they offer a straight black and snake print design.

Lastly, we'll be throwing shade on those hefty Dior Color Quake sunglasses everyone's wearing. This $415 pair of sunglasses were created surged with color and life, leaving the frame behind. The frameless detail to these beautiful blinkers creates a slick shape and infinity edge that will have the guys staring into your eyes!

Even though I'm a fan of guys gawking at me, I'm not sure if any guy's gaze is worth $415. So, here's my compromise: JOJO's glasses on Amazon.

These shades maintain the oversized square shape that the Color Quake has, defines the edges with gold framework on the top and bottom of the lens. The sides still have the infinity edge that makes the Dior sunglasses to sleek and slender. JOJO's sunglasses also have the gold detailing on the sides that make it a great substitute shade.

So, I hope by reading this your wallet is fatter and your shopping addiction is smaller. Remember, there are always ways to style and save. Style isn't about the brands or money, it's about what individual garments and pieces you put together to make it whole!

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