In the wake of this past week's tragedies, it's important to mourn the deaths of the fallen. It's also important seek justice and demand peace in the face of our country's terror. We, as a country, are without a doubt crippled and divided (and it shows). We work against those different from ourselves without consideration of the others opinions or needs. This is why this great nation will never find the peace it desperately seeks

Firstly, the Black Lives Matter movement is important. It is important for people to find equality and justice in the country that promises them just that. To see anything but that is a negligence of the truth. I'm not going to sit here and speak for a movement that I cannot personally identify with, but I will stand behind them until they find the justice and equality they deserve. We must all see the inequality and understand it before we can change it.

Next, the lives of the police force in our country are important. These courageous men and women come together to protect all people in our country. Although this past week has been controversial, do not let this dim the truth: these people are the backbone of our country.

Without a doubt, our country is weak at this point and time. Many offer courses of action, but before any of this, what is necessary is prayer. I'm sure many people feel that prayer and thoughts are nice, but ineffective. This couldn't be further from the truth. In order to overcome any obstacle, you must first seek God's strength and wisdom. Once you have that, taking action is simply what follows.

My prayers lie with the families and loved ones stricken with tragedy this past week.

God Bless America