2017 could not get any better than this. Ed Sheeran has finally released his new album "Divide" and if you have not got your hands on this album yet, you should get it right now. This master piece will top the carts no doubt about that. The track list is everything we could ask for and more.


This song is his most honest one yet! Very good insight on the career he has and how it is not perfect.

Castle on the Hill

One of my absolute favorite songs he released backed in January. Chorus is very catchy and the raspiness in his voice is perfect.


A very realistic song and the guitar solo is all we needed. Lets not forget about the emotional and raw chorus.

Shape of You

Yes, the song that is all over the radio at the moment. Definitely a tune made for the radio. But if this song does not make you want to dance all night then I don't know what to tell you. Ha.


Many have been saying, "the next wedding song". In which it is definitely true, can't find a song more 'perfect' to tell someone how 'perfect' they happen to be!

Galway Girl

The Irish in this song is real and very catchy. Can I go to Ireland yet?


This is an 'AWE' song. Super cute and such a move on, be strong type song. I love it!

New Man

Up beat, jam out session definitely. No one wants to know about your new man, come on.

Hearts Don't Break Around Here

A love song on how you truly know you love each other.

What Do I Know?

Song about success and how music can shape anyones world.

How Would You Feel (Paean)

In my opinion this should be the wedding song of this year. A feel good and lovable song for your significant other.

Supermarket Flowers

There goes my heart breaking into a million pieces. Such a tear jerker and I do not ever recall crying that hard over one song. This is the saddest song on his album.


The vacation anthem no ones ever had. This song will make you want to pack your bags and escape to a tropical island. I would not mind dancing on a tropical beach to this tune.

Bibia Be Ye Ye

Okay lets be real, I really just like saying 'Bibia Be Ye Ye'. Another tropical tune to dance to.

Nancy Mulligan

Has a little scottish vibe along with another catchy chorus.

Save Myself

Self awareness song that helps you see the opposite side of helping others when you happen to be down yourself.

After listening to this 16 song album, I have cried, laughed and cried again over how good this album is. This album has everything from sad, upbeat and joyful songs. If this album and Ed Sheeran is not showered in Grammy's and many other awards, then I will be very disappointed in the american people who never gave this album a chance. It also makes me wonder how Ed could top this but he will one day. We can only begin to think about what his next album will be named. Could it be 'square root'? Or even 'PI'? What type of songs might be featured on it? We have a lot to ponder after all it took about 3 years after 'multiply' for him to release 'divide'. So thank you Ed Sheeran for another masterpiece and for being the voice to many peoples lives and relationships.