Shortly before attending the G-Summit, Which is a meeting between the top democratic industrialized economies, President Trump placed tariffs on metal products imported from Canada, Mexico, and the European Union. During the summit, Trump refused to back down from these tariffs unless these nations did the same, and after the summit ended, Trump took to twitter to insult each of them. Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, was tweeted by trump exclaiming that he is dishonest and week.

The Divide between our allies and friendly trading partners have never been greater than it is today.

I respect Trump for fighting for American interests and companies, but in regard to this, while he may think what he is doing will help this country, its actually doing the opposite. These countries are our allies and friends who present no threat to us. They had our back during 9/11 and still do to this day, even through all the disagreements. But by insulting their leaders and targeting their economies, Trump is untying the bonds that have been built and creating a more isolated America.

In addition to the diplomatic reasons, it is bad for the economy to add tariffs on imported products. Many businesses in the US. rely on foreign resources to make their products, and higher prices for these resources will only negativity affect these businesses. Also, American consumers will have to pay more for products, which is especially harmful for lower-class families who are struggling in the meantime. Free trade, such as NAFTA, has been benefical by creating a multitude of jobs and opening markets for the United States.

Going forward, I believe that it is better for Trump to avoid adding tariffs on the products of our allies and instead negotiate with our allies, or at least refrain from going on twitter tantrums.

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