Ditch Those Plastic Water Bottles With These 7 Eco-Friendly Water Bottle Brands
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Ditch Those Plastic Water Bottles With These 7 Eco-Friendly Water Bottle Brands

No more plastic water bottles!


Any person in college is well aware that water bottles are one of the most vital items to keep in your backpack at all times. Whether it be a basic plastic water bottle or a boujee one, you need to keep yourself hydrated. In the list below, I have included my top favorite water bottles on the market, so you can get rid of those plastic water bottles.


I have always loved a water bottle with a straw. It makes me stay more hydrated and feel like I am actually drinking the recommended amount of water I should be. This Camelbak comes in a ton of fun colors and sizes. The only down side is it does not keep your water and ice long enough, and if you are like me, you need ICE COLD WATER.

Hydro Flask

How could I not include the best of the best water bottles on the market? I LOVE my 40 oz white Hydro Flask! I refill it between two to three times a day, and I have noticed I drink so much more water with it. I bought the straw lid and it is the best. Although it is expensive, I think this is a MUST HAVE in any college backpack.


These sleek stainless steel beauties scream boujee and stylish with a hint of eco-friendly. I mean, these come in A TON of different colors, patterns, and images. It keeps your water nice and cold and ready to drink whenever. The only downside is S'well does not sell there own straw lid, and you may have to scroll through countless pages of Amazon to find one that fits.


I do not see many people using Yeti water bottles, but I do know that it keeps your ice and water cold. I gave one to my roommate for a Christmas gift and she LOVED it. The only thing she mentioned is to not fill it up too much, or else your water will splash everywhere.


Another bottle with a straw? YES, PLEASE! Can you see a trend here? This Contigo bottle is another great option to ditch those plastic water bottles. Unlike the Hydro Flask and S'well, it is not insulated so your water will not stay cold and the bottle may sweat if you take it out in the heat.


It may be a bit of an investment, but you will stay hydrated with the clean water this Brita bottle provides. It comes with a straw and filters your water for you. I know people who have this and love it, they say the water taste a lot cleaner when they drink it.

BKR Glass Water Bottle

If you like to live on the edge and are not afraid of dropping your water bottle (like I am), I suggest this cute glass water bottle. You can find it on Amazon, which has a ton of fun silicon colored covers. This would not be my top choice since it is glass. But for aesthetic, I say it is an A+.

Whether it be a Hydro Flask or a Camelbak, you will be staying hydrated. Next time you are at the store, stop and grab one of these bottles and ditch those lousy, basic, plastic water bottles.

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