Frustration of District 86 Cuts
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The Frustration Following The District 86 Cuts

The unfortunate part of this is that the School Board has known for many years that there was desperate need for repairs.


Recently the School District 86 has come under some heavy media fire following the announcement that the referendum did not pass and thus resulted in major cuts having to be applied in order for much-needed repairs to occur at both Hinsdale South and Hinsdale Central.

On December 17th due to the referendum not passing the School Board used the action of cutting many sports teams including Football, Girls and Boys Water Polo, Girls and Boys Swimming, and multiple clubs were all part of the cut. Many believed this was a bully move to force the referendum to be passed and thus increase taxes on the surrounding neighborhoods. They also cut numerous clubs including several foreign language clubs, drama clubs, Wounded Warriors and more.

The unfortunate part of this is that the School Board has known for many years that there was a desperate need for repairs. Previously the choice was made to purchase brand new turf on the football field which although was a great purchase, there were other more pressing matters to attend to.

Following the incident, there was immediate outrage from both Hinsdale Central and Hinsdale South communities as numerous programs were cut meaning that students would not be able to participate in sports that year nor would they be able to celebrate their senior nights until the situation was resolved. This, of course, prompted outrage from alumni, the current student body and the families involved in it.

The communities were quick to rally and set up an event to register people to vote for the April referendum in order to try to fix the situation. The issue is that things like Prom were not being handled as the Student Body Electives were also cut meaning no one was there assist in planning but there also could essentially be no planning.

The whole situation was ridiculous and even led to larger news outlets such as the Chicago Tribune covering and following the development. It's frustrating looking at it from an academic standpoint as well as for the junior and seniors who are preparing for college one of the many things that Universities look for in applicants is the activities and clubs that they took part in. Thus many will be limited in their scholarship search now as well as many universities looking for a student who is going to promote their campus.

Overall the situation is frustrating to all involved within the community and many need the issue to be resolved NOW! For more information, you can check out the District 86 website.

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