Distress Signals

today smells like clichés

and overplayed music

and how I’m



and temporary soul-

shedding my skin is de

taching like foggy day

clouds rolling off leaving

me naked my

craving sketched in

the dirt vague

outlines in

the mist signals

of the scientific look

I can prove my

hypothesis that buildings

have edges and I’ve

got legs and I can


so leave me be

I’m not here trying

to make you understand

or even to make you

mine but the way

those lights look across

the water I’m reading it

as distress signals

right now tastes

like things I’m keeping

pressed under tongues

letting them live

between teeth names

of songs with only

lyrics no words

and I can’t believe it’s still

you that I want to be

up to my ears in to feel

you like my ribs having a bird

cage in me I like listening

to songs I’ve never

heard before

I’m alone I’m alone

feels anonymous signed

with a flourish and maybe

I’m all sprinter’s heartrate

and testing theories and

thinking it’s funny

to shatter dishes maybe

I’m even pretty but

you don’t seem

to care let me

know when I

strike your fancy

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