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My Relationship With My Parents Is Proof That Love Can Go The Distance

No time visiting home is never long enough.

My Relationship With My Parents Is Proof That Love Can Go The Distance
Megan Martin

It has been four months since I have moved to Utah. I have had a few family members and a friend come out and visit since I have made the move. This time went by so quickly.

With all the technology these days, it's easy to still feel connected with everyone and what is going on with their lives.

I was asked by three separate people if I was going to be moving back. The thought sounded nice, but I knew deep down it wasn't right. I couldn't explain it, it will never sound bad to move back home, but there are still places I want to see and experiences that I want to happen before I ever make the decision to make the move back home.

It isn't hard to buy a plane ticket and visit home if I ever need to.

Megan Martin

I just went back home and visited at the end of July for a week. Let me tell you, the time was not enough. I didn't get to see everyone that I wished to see.

The short amount of time made me squeeze in as much as I could, the people I wanted to see and catch up with along with some yummy Mexican food from the Mexican restaurant in my hometown. (You can't get authentic white queso in Utah.)

When I landed in Iowa, my mom picked me up. I had asked if she would be the only one to be there because I miss the one-on-one time we use to have together.

So, I got the time with her during the short visit home.

My family had gotten together two separate times for lunch and dinner to celebrate a birthday and wish me well before I went back to Utah. I had asked my dad to grill out one night so that was another meal I received, which one of my best friends joined.

Megan Martin

I got together with my previous roommate too. We spent the afternoon getting pedicures and getting food and Raspberry Daquiris from our go-to place, Cactus in Iowa City.

I helped out on a move-out date with my previous job, which was fun, and I realized I missed it. I got together with some girlfriends and went out downtown Cedar Rapids, which consisted of a Peach Moscow Mule, riding a mechanical bull and dancing to country music.

One of the main reasons I went home at this time was to attend a Dan and Shay concert at a fair near my hometown and let me tell you, THEY WERE AND ARE AMAZING! I would attend another concert of theirs in a heartbeat.

The concert was a way to celebrate my oldest sister's 'dirty 30,' and it was a blast. The other main reason was for a wedding. 1. I love weddings and 2. I was hoping to catch some people that I hadn't seen in a while.

Megan Martin

My mom and I had a part of a day to ourselves.

We went to see the Lion King movie and did a little shopping since my family decided to do a last-minute photo session for family pictures. The day spent with her was much needed and went by way too quickly.

Megan Martin

My final day of being home consisted of family pictures and lunch at my grandparents' house.

The time went by way too fast. Next time, I want a longer trip back and fewer things to do or accomplish while I'm back so I can relax and catch up with the people that mean the most to me.

Christmas can't come soon enough.

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