Disney's Step Toward Sexual Equality

One of the most classic fairy tales of all time just hit theaters again recently. 277 years ago, the story was first created, and it is still a popular story today. However, the recent queer character being added to the 2017 Disney film has sent parents off the edge.

Yes, LeFou, Gaston's sidekick is indeed gay. For some of you, this may not be a big deal or rather a deal at all. For others, they are even going as far as protesting Disney on their latest decision to introduce homo sexual characters into their stories. To make these parents crazier, the man who acted as LeFou, Josh Gad, also plays the voice of Olaf, in Disney's Frozen.

Many close-minded adults are keeping their children from watching this remake of the movie, but why? The gay character was simply designed to prove to society that homosexual people are no different than heterosexual people. And what's the best way to create a society that follows this? Start with the children and raise them that way. By opening today's children up to this concept, in the future, there will not be inequality between these two groups of people. Whether you like it or not, some people are gay and others are straight. There's no getting around that. So, why not bring our children up thinking that it's truly okay for them to be themselves regardless of their sexual orientation?

Most fairy tales highlight the happen ever after with a marriage or a man and a woman falling in true love. Therefore, we are all used to this ending and have brought it into our own culture and society over the years. By introducing this new plot to the fairy tale, Disney is taking the next step into making homosexuality a normal, everyday concept in the future.

As for the adults who have decided not to let your children see the movie, there is no reason to keep them from seeing it. After all, the movie is still rated PG. There's nothing in this movie that could ever be worse than other PG movies you have allowed your children to see. There is not even a scene that he comes out as gay. In fact, he seems almost confused about his own sexual orientation than straight up gay.

Homosexuality is not something you can keep your children away from. There's nothing wrong with any sexual orientation anyone has and a new type of character should not be frowned upon. You could see two lesbians at Walmart or Taco Bell. Are you going to keep your child locked inside of your house their whole life?

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