Disney World's "Happily Ever After" Fireworks Prove The Park Could Take Some Notes From Disneyland

Disney World's "Happily Ever After" Fireworks Prove The Park Could Take Some Notes From Disneyland

The newest fireworks show is seriously lacking fireworks.

When Walt Disney World announced that it would be replacing its long-running fireworks show, "Wishes" with a new show, my first thought was, "Thank God". I've always had an issue with the Walt Disney World fireworks' focus on Disney movies rather than the park they're celebrating, having been spoiled by Disneyland's "Remember...Dreams Come True" fireworks for years. "Wishes" had always felt like it needed the same update, however, when Disney World livestreamed its new show, "Happily Ever After" I found myself missing "Wishes" within two minutes.

I didn't mind the new song so much, since every Disney fireworks show is accompanied by its own cheesy, uplifting ballad. It was what followed that irked me. Don't get me wrong, I was thrilled when Tiana appeared on the castle, since she rarely gets the attention she deserves, and I couldn't stop smiling when Moana got her own shell-shaped fireworks, but the new show is essentially just a montage of scenes and characters projected on the castle without any rhyme or reason.

It felt a bit like Disneyland Paris' fireworks, which rely heavily on the spectacle of the water fountains beside the castle and frankly low-quality projections on the castle. The issue here, though, was that I loved Disneyland Paris' fireworks because they still told a story. The fireworks followed Peter Pan and his shadow through scenes from other Disney movies, making for an endearing spectacular I wouldn't mind watching again. "Happily Ever After," though, provides no such pay-off. Most of Disney's fireworks tell a story or carry a message, whether that is that wishes can come true or to continue dreaming, but "Happily Ever After" seemed to lose its moral within a minute or so, falling back on projections and a slew of "I Want" songs without giving any of them any real explanation.

The Paris of "Ratatouille" appears during "Part of Your World," followed by a "Love is an Open Door" cover by someone who couldn't quite hit the high notes and a handful of other pop covers of classic Disney songs accompanied by a few scattered fireworks that seemed like they were trying not to infringe on the projections beneath them. The show has its moments, like the "Pirates of the Caribbean" section or the effects that make the castle seem to move, but overall it feels more like a light and projection show featuring fireworks rather than a fireworks show featuring projections.

To remedy this, I feel like this show could take a few notes from Disneyland's newly updated "Remember...Dreams Come True" fireworks. This show's return to the park earlier this year still showcased its fireworks, but combined those fireworks with projections on the castle that were added simply for some modern color. Your attention during "Remember" should be on the sky, so characters never appear on the castle and the projections rarely distract from the light show above. This difference between the two shows may be inherent to the parks themselves, since Disneyland is far more nostalgic while Disney World is more focused on indulging in modern technology and the newest Disney properties. Still, Disney World could use some of that nostalgia once in a while, and the new fireworks show would have been the ideal place to introduce it.

You can find Disney World's "Happily Ever After" here and Disneyland's new edition of "Remember...Dreams Come True" here.

Cover Image Credit: WDW News Today

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Living In The Moment When Traveling Is The Best Thing You Can Do

Be present.

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I brought along my camera to make a vlog of the trip/special occasion. I was taking pictures and videos of us on the plane, train, car ride, walking around while exploring and I realized, I'm looking at this trip from a different perspective, through a lens. I'm looking back at all those memories from a screen, which is what I would be doing anyway when I would come home from the trip and reminisce.

I decided to put my camera away and just soak in everything. For this, I'm so glad I did. We were only there for a short period of time and I wanted to make this something memorable. Instead of looking at downtown Seattle through my camera screen or from my iPhone, I decided to look at it with my own eyes. I took in the sights and sounds, the beauty of the sun setting at 4:30 in the afternoon. To see my friend looking so happy to be surrounded by people who care about her and to be sharing this with her.

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Be present and take it all in.

Every second counts.

Cover Image Credit: Ilana Mekler

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