Listen  To These Musicians From Belmont University

Don't Let These Musicians From Belmont University Slip Under Your Radar

One of the best ways to find new music is from your peers; in the case of my sister, her peers are creating that new music.

Molly Goebel

Belmont University is known for its emphasis on educating musicians, and with its location being ideally placed near Nashville, Tennessee it is no surprise that its students are creating some great material. Now my sister is no music major, but just being at that university has opened her eyes to an overflowing handful of artists. And, of course, when people find new music they're loving, they can't help but share it, so I've had the pleasure of discovering these artists too.

I know when I find new artists I love, I end up binging all their music I have at my fingertips. Listening to their music and only their music for days or weeks on end. Plus, how cool would it be to actually know these musicians? See them around campus? Know that one of my peers created something this moving? My sister is one lucky gal to share a campus with these amazing artists and be able to see them perform at campus events.

So, as it is tradition and as expected, there is some new music I've been loving and would like to share with all of you. These musicians deserve to get some buzz. Their talent shouldn't be hidden and go unnoticed behind all the popular music from the same ole artists they've been overplaying on the radio for years. It's time for some new talent to get the attention they deserve.

The first artist I would like to share with you has without a doubt quickly become one of my all-time favorites: Jake Wesley Rogers. It's difficult to find words to describe his style of music besides just being a blessing to experience. They are ones both enjoyed by blasting the speakers and jamming out or just quietly relaxing. Not even looking at the lyrics of his songs, but just by changing the volume switches the whole dynamic and intent of the songs which I find fascinating. Now his lyrics are something else. They're so beautiful and masterfully lyrical...and admirably bold. To start off your new discovery, some of my personal favorite songs are "You Should Know," "Sanctuary," and "Jacob from the Bible."

Now, this next duo of musicians I'm sharing with you is one I remember from one of my sister's first college visits, and their music has stuck with me ever since: Sawyer. Not only do I admire the lyrics of each of their songs, but their sound, in general, is one of my favorites when it comes to music. Some have compared them to the HAIM (whose music I also love). Some personal favorites include: "The Last Thing," "Everywhere," "Sweet Disposition," and "Letting Go."

Even though this artist is third, his music is still at the top of my list: Jackson Wooten. The fragility of his lyrics mixed with the mellow accompaniments creates the perfect blend to sink into and separate yourself from the outside world. And I would be lying if his song "Dirt" hasn't brought me to tears every now and then. These songs are emotionally raw and make simplicity far more complex than at first glance. Each time I listen, I find a new line resonates in a different way than it did before, or it stands out among other lines I previously focused on. Even though he only has three songs on Spotify at the moment ("Dirt," "Honey," and Misty") I could easily replay all day, every day.

And finally, this last group has quickly gained more popularity from having over two million monthly listeners and has been discovered on multiple Spotify-made playlists: COIN. Just the names of some of those Spotify-made playlists can start to describe their music: Mood Booster, Daily Lift, Indie Pop, It's ALT Good!, Soak Up the Sun. Their songs are hard not to bop to; they're catchy and clever. I always find myself with one of their songs stuck in my head. If you need a good burst of energy to brighten your day or are asking to get a song stuck in your head, here are some favorites: "Cemetery," "Talk Too Much," "Hannah," and "Run."

I think you're starting to get the gist that Belmont University has some pretty incredible artists that are beginning to thrive. So, I'm just doing my part to spread the word. If you're still not convinced...Go. Check. Out. Their. Spotify. Accounts. Right. Now. You'll change your mind and then you can thank me (and basically my sister) for blessing your playlists with some remarkable music.

You thought I was done. Of course, there are more artists I need to mention! But I'll make it easy for you this time and give you a list of honorable mentions I think you should check out as soon as humanly possible after listening to the musicians previously mentioned.

Here you go:

  • "Nick Miller" by Kat Saul **If you love New Girl, you'll have an even deeper appreciation for this song!**
  • "Autumn's Song" by Stephen Day
  • "Throwing Up Butterflies" & "You F O" by Stela Cole
  • "All the Talk" by Parrotfish
  • "Postcards" by Sam Johnston

There are so many talented musicians out there. Unfortunately, it can take some digging to find them since they don't get as much deserved media attention or radio time. My playlists have felt more complete since finding these artists and I hope yours now does too. So a big thank you to my sister for always sharing her new music with me. And a big thank you to these artists for creating such worthy and thought-provoking content. We need more artists like you!

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