Many teens and young adults that are still in school, while very different from each other, have one thing in common. They both like to make money. And how do you make money? You find a job of course! But, where should you work? Should you choose a place like Wal-Mart or Kroger? Or perhaps you could stomach to work in food? If you, like me, found all of those options terrible then you chose a much different path. You chose to work somewhere exciting that is both easy and challenging at the same time while making some rather wonderful friends. You have chosen to work at a theme park!!

Yes you read the correctly. I work at a theme park and it is a job that I both love and hate at the same time. Despite its ups and downs there are a lot of reasons that I chose to work at Kings Island for not one, but two seasons. Yes it is true, this is my second season at Kings Island and there is a reason that I keep coming back.

Being a ride operator at Kings Island is a great job to have for the summer. My home ride is Dinosaurs Alive and I love it. You spend all day reading and watching dinosaurs and talking to guests about dinosaurs and random facts that you have learned about dinosaurs (fun fact: pterodactyls are not actually dinosaurs they are pterosaurs). If you love dinosaurs than this is the place for you!! Be warned however, once you work here long enough you will have a long list of dinosaur jokes that you tell everyone.

"How do you ask a tyrannosaurus if hes thirsty?"

Besides being a dinosaur fact master you will make some great friends! The people that you work with at Dinosaurs Alive are some of the best people you will ever meet in your life. My coworkers are the best people. They are funny, kind, and extremely hilarious! You will bond over which dinosaur on the trail is your spirit animal and debiting which one is better. You'll also be telling people that your the only Jurassic Park that has survived.

Warning: You may find people that mistake a Velociraptor for a Deinonychus extremely annoying!! (Deinonychus on the left and Velociraptor on the right)

It may not always be sunshine and roses in, but working at Dinosaurs Alive has been one of the coolest jobs I have ever had! Who doesn't love a good dinosaur fact or a witty pun?