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Two smart-pads are taking over the creative world

Digital Duo

Smart technology is changing the way we share our creative ideas

The ways in which we remember and understand information is attributed to the ways we sketch and write out our thoughts and ideas. In a study conducted by Psychological Science, Pam Mueller of Princeton University and Daniel Oppenheimer of the University of California, Los Angeles tested how different methods of note-taking, whether by hand or by computer, affect the learning of students. When breaking down the results, Mueller discovered that students who were forced to write out their thoughts longhand spent more time analyzing the information, taking that extra time to process the actual information. Although some students find digital presentations of notes to be easier to read and understand, this method of creating a physical connection between ideas allows for individuals to give their ideas a more significant meaning, but what if this physical connection could still exist in the digital world?

The Sky Wi-Fi Smart-pen

No longer are you forced to carry countless notebooks of pages of which are lost as they become blended with the torn sheets of paper. The Sky Wi-Fi smart-pen captures interactive notes and audio and wirelessly transfers them to Evernote for playback on nearly any device, any time and anywhere. Your digital notes come to life for any time, anywhere access.

When it comes to note-taking during any important college or business lecture, sometimes some key information can be missed out of while you're scrambling to take notes. With the Sky WiFi smart-pen, note taking is easy. Not only are all your digital notes recorded and available for digital upload later, but the Sky WiFi smart-pen can record audio at the exact moment you are writing. Did you miss some important information about next weeks exam? No problem! Simply tap the pen twice and listen back to the recorded information. With WiFi enabled, you can connect your notes and audio to your personal Evernote account where they can be stored, organize, and accessed on your Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

Wacom Bamboo Spark

What if your hand written and hand drawing ideas could be digital converted, stored, and shared with your family, friends, and colleagues? Similar to the Sky Wi-Fi Smart-pen, Wacom's Bamboo Spark allows for each creative idea to be virtually stored and upload to any mobile device with the InkSpace app. Saved onto Wacom's digital cloud, information stored can be shared and transferred to your devices, making the information portable for on-the-go situations. With 5G of free storage space, InkSpace allows for your ideas to be stored in one place, making note taking for class, sketching for projects, and ideating for new product designs easy and more organized.

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