The 7 Different Types Of Guy Friends
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The 7 Different Types Of Guy Friends

Which ones do you have?

The 7 Different Types Of Guy Friends

Guy friends can be some of the best friends you will have ever have. They are just guys being dudes and you can bro out along with them. Guy friends accept you exactly for who you are and love you at your best and your worst. They are low-maintenance, or most of them are, no drama and hella fun. I have been blessed with amazing dude friends throughout my life and highly recommend cultivating this type of friendship because it’s the sh*t. Guy friends come in many different forms and each type offers different benefits.

The Brother From Another Mother

This is the one you have known all or most of your life. He knows everything about you down to the embarrassing way you broke your arm in the fourth grade. This is the guy who will always and forever have your back and best interest in mind. He is overly protective. If you have a problem with someone his first question is “who do I need to beat up for you?” He rarely answers his phone for anyone, but if you call him at 3 a.m. crying because a boy broke your heart he will pick up immediately and tell you everything is going to be alright.This is my favorite kind of guy friend partly because my “brother from another mother” is my favorite person.

The Gay Best Friend

If you are like Fergie and have one, you know how lucky you are. He is the biggest gossip and knows everything about everyone who is anyone. They are fashion conscious so if you ever need outfit advice or a third party unbiased opinion on if your ass really does look fat in those jeans, the “gay best friend” is your go to. Only thing he will not do is hold your shopping bags, he is your gay BFF, not your boyfriend. SLEEPOVERS, ‘nough said. He is the best cuddle buddy/movie watching partner ever and no questions asked if you need a shoulder to cry on he will offer his up for use. If you do not get a daily dose of his sass then you are probably in some sort of chick fight over how you ditched him to hang out with someone else. Overall, everyone deserves to have the “gay best friend”

The Go-To Flirtationship

This is one of the most fun types of guy friends. He is irresistibly charming and fun to be around. There is a weirdly powerful sexual chemistry between you guys that when you hang out in a group, other people can feel it too. This is the guy you flirt with endlessly but do not hook up with because you know too much about his past female encounters. However, that does not stop you from flirting your heart out just because you can.

The Work Out Freak

This is the guy who texts you to hang out then goes to the gym for two hours. He cannot change the time he works out at or skip a day because, God forbid, his daily workout routine gets messed up and he loses all his muscle in a span of 24 hours. When you come over, he probably has his shirt off, and drags out time for as long as possible before he puts it on. He never goes anywhere without his blender bottle in his hand and if you hide it just to see what his reaction is, he gets SO mad. Do it, it is hilarious. The benefits of this friendship are you get to look as his nicely sculpted body free of charge and he gives REALLY good big bear hugs.

The Jock

Yay go sports! Just kidding. Watching sports is fun but watching your friend play and be in the zone and dominate is even better. You get to be his own personal cheering section and he will show off a little to please the crowd. Also, I am the kind of person who has to understand the rules of the game I am watching, so he can help teach you all about the sport and its specifics. Sometimes if you are extra special and nice to him, he will even let you wear his jersey and introduce you to his athletic friends.

The Goofball

The single most entertaining friend to have. You could be having the worst day ever and after talking to him for just five minutes he will make you smile. He has an endless supply of impressions, references, and quirks that he pulls out on the regular to entertain the masses. He never takes life too seriously and knows how to make even the most basic of activities hilarious and exciting. Always always always keep this kind of guy friend around.

The One That Is Secretly In Love With You

He will literally do anything for you. You think he is just being sweet but in reality he would not do the same for anyone else. You are in constant communication, he is probably your number one Snapchat best friend and the person you text the most. He asks you about your dog, knows your favorite flavor of ice cream and the name of your childhood best friend’s nanny’s goldfish’s name. He makes a great best friend because he genuinely is concerned with your life, well-being and general happiness.

Summary: guy friends can make some of the best friends! Go find some, it will be the best life decision you have ever made.

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