Difference Between Amp and PWA
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Difference between AMP and PWA

AMP and PWA - Major Differences

Difference between AMP and PWA

Since the last few years, the use of mobile has grown rapidly and has changed

the face of digital publishing. This has led to the development of several new

technologies designed to provide visitors faster, richer mobile experiences.

These contain things like Google's AMP (accelerated mobile pages) and PWAs

(progressive web applications). Here we will make clear about the difference

between AMP and PWA.

What is AMP?

Whatever contents you search in Google and interact with the result on mobile

devices you encounter AMP (accelerated mobile pages).

AMP means an open source structure developed by Google in alliance with

Twitter. Accelerated Mobile Pages make better, faster experiences on the

mobile. At its basic, the structure allows building easier and smooth experiences

for mobile by simplifying the HTML and following efficient CSS rules.

Over the years it has become the most important and powerful platform to provide

directly from the search result in light speed.

Function of AMP

1. AMP HTML - The AMP structure has inflexible rules for the HTML tags you

can use. To make sure fast page load, certain HTML components like

forms are not allowed on AMP. AMP structure also needs that you use an

efficient version of CSS.

2. AMP JS - To make sure fast page load on mobile platforms, AMP prevents

the use of any JavaScript. This is only excluded for AMP scripts, which are

boosted with page load speeding up in mind. AMP JS provides a library

that is easy to implement the module. AMP JS create animations;

customized layout, and more using AMP's vast unit of the library.

3. AMP CND – It is famously known as AMP Cache, an analytic component

of the AMP platform is its envoy-based content provider network (CDN). The

CDN helps AMP content and caches it for the fast provider. By revert, the AMP

CDN caches all authentic AMP content and does not deliver an option to

opt out.

AMP delivers reliably fast web components for the first load. These components are

much faster to load and fewer data consumers. Websites that use the combo of

AMP and Service Worker will provide reliable speed as of native apps. Once the

page is loaded the site setups the service worker and assets are cached

intelligently. This will always keep the PWA up to date thereby freeing the users

from the frequent updates to be done from the App Store.

What is PWA?

PWA (Progressive Web Apps) is one of the most discussed technology in the web

shifted recently and has gained unparalleled momentum among the practitioners

in the IT world. It's no wondering that PWA has made the farfetched dream of

installing web apps on phone for real.

Progressive Web App (PWA) is used to represent a new software

development methodology. Unlike old applications, progressive web apps

are a modified version of the regular website and mobile web. This

application attempts to combine features of most modern browsers with the

benefits of mobile experience.

Function of PWA

Authentic: speed loading and works offline

 quick: effortless Animations, junk free scrolling and logical navigation even on

week networks

 Engaging: organized from home screen and can receive a push notification.

Some of the basic differentiate of AMP and PWA.


1. Amp is Instant provider while PWA is having modified platform features

2. AMP is Optimized invention while PWA is highly dynamic

3. AMP uses No user scripts while PWA slower first provider

4. AMP is a Static unit while PWA is not easily fixed

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