For someone who gets a thrill when a sale e-mail pops up in my inbox, you would think Black Friday would be a national holiday in my eyes. Funny thing is, I've never taken part in Black Friday shopping and I never will.

For starters, Black Friday has turned into something it never should have. Each year, stores are opening earlier and earlier, taking employees who are unfortunately scheduled to work away from their families on Thanksgiving. Trust me, Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday, but to think of having to spend it working just so someone else can get half-priced Christmas gifts does not fly with me. Whether they're making more money for working the extra shifts or not, it isn't fair for them to be stuck working. They have lives too, you know. So major shoutout to the stores that do not open on Thanksgiving Day so their employees get to enjoy the holiday as much as the rest of us.

Another problem is the way customers get when there are low prices on the newest technology that's up for grabs. Let's not forget the incident in 2008 at Walmart, when an employee was trampled to death by crazed customers. That isn't the only time that sort of thing has happened. There is too much tragedy in the world today and when people think getting 50% off is worth someone losing their life, you know we have a major problem on our hands. Remember, you just spent the whole day before reflecting on how grateful you are for everything you have, don't be a hypocritical lunatic.

Then there's the greed. When we see sale signs, all the bells go off in our heads that we absolutely must own this item. Trust me, it happens to me all the time. The difference is that on Black Friday, people go overboard. Remember, the whole concept of this day is to buy holiday presents for people, not a new laptop and TV and whatever other things you probably don't need for yourself. Don't get me wrong, I'm a firm believer in "treating yo self," but at a certain point, it becomes a matter of being just plain greedy. So instead of spending all of your money on yourself, maybe put aside a few dollars and buy something for a toy drive. This time of the year is an important time to reflect back on how fortunate you are and to think of those who may not have had it as good as you. Donating even the slightest portion of your Black Friday spending money towards charity will make a difference and will make you feel good about yourself too!

The most important reason I did not partake in Black Friday this year was because, as a college student, spending time with your family at home should be your main concern. I know some people haven't been home since they left in August and four month away means spending every possible minute you can with your family. Personally, I miss the warmth of my home and being with my crazy family all the time. I don't want to waste one of the few days I'm home in a mall with the rest of the world. So before you run out of Thanksgiving early, consider how happy your family is to have you back home with them. Yes, I know the endless questions are annoying but they only ask because they've missed you.