It's the weekend, we're almost obligated to go out. We've been working and studying all week, so it's time for a little fun. However, sometimes we just want to chill and we make that crazy decision to stay in and do nothing. It seems boring and the FOMO starts kicking in around 11 p.m. when the snapchat stories start, but come 10 a.m. on Saturday morning, staying in seems like the best decision ever.


It's literally impossible to have a hungover without drinking the night before.

2. You're well-rested!

and while all of your other friends are sleeping in till 1 p.m., you'll have already accomplished so much!

3. SAVED CALORIES from drinking

We all know the awful amounts of calories and sugar in beer and liquor and staying in helps to avoid these liquid pounds.

4. SAVED CALORIES from drunk eating

On top of all the drinks, a night out usually leads to a greasy midnight 2nd dinner followed by a greasy Saturday brunch. A night in will save you from the stomach ache and the extra 2 hours you'll need at the gym.

5. Productivity!

When I know I need to study for a test on Monday, I can't go out Saturday. Going out Saturday will ruin my whole Sunday. Therefore, a night in really makes me more productive all around.