Did You Know They Went To Marquette?

We know that each year a couple thousand students from Marquette graduate and move on with their lives to bigger things. The question is, do we ever wonder who these people are and what they've done with their lives? There are many students who graduated from Marquette and became famous that most of us may not have even heard of. The following five people came from different backgrounds and achieved different things in their lives. Makes you wonder who we will be when we graduate.

1. Tom Snyder

You know, the guy who had his own talk show called "The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder." Not only was he a very famous talk show host, but he was born in Milwaukee, too! He was born to be a Marquette student from day one!

2. Rondell Sheridan

Yes, this is not a joke! This man was born and raised in the windy city! If you do not know who this is, you are truly missing out because this is pretty much making my childhood TV shows ten times better. He is the dad from "That's So Raven" and went to Marquette! Crazy, I know. If this didn't at least make you smile, you don't know what you are missing out on!

3. Amy Madigan

You may be staring at that picture and wondering, who is that? Others may look at this picture and think, wow she looks really familiar. Amy Madigan, is most known for her appearance in the movie "Field of Dreams." She also graduated from Marquette with a degree in Philosophy, but then later on became famous for her acting and singing. Does this refresh your mind at all?

4. Chris Farley

Is this not one of the coolest discoveries you've come across?! He was super funny and always known for having a good sense of humor! He's best known for being in the movie, "Tommy Boy." Unfortunately, he passed away early in his years, but he will forever be cherished as a Golden Eagle!

5. Tab Baker

This man has been in many movies and shows, but is most known for "Save the Last Dance," "Gladiator," and "Prison Break." Although he hasn't played huge roles, he has still made a big presence. Does his name ring any bells?

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