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He May Not Know It, But Devon Sawa Named Me

I used to hate my name, but it reminds me that it's not so bad (it's not so bad).

He May Not Know It, But Devon Sawa Named Me

He was pretty much every '90s girls' crush.

Devon Sawa Looking FineSpace Surfer

He was the friendly ghost, his idle hands fell victim to the devil, he was gonna name his daughter Bonnie, and he had a nice trip in Salt Lake City. We've seen him take on many roles since the beginning of his acting career. A role he doesn't know he took on, though, is the role of my namesake.

It's no surprise that moms and dads name their children after rockstars and movie stars. My mother was just a teen girl in 1995 when she gave birth to me, and of course, she was smitten by this blonde haired and blue eyed star. She loved him so much that she wanted a piece of him forever. Right, mom? (I love you).

So I became Devon.

Devon Bennett As A BabyMeredith Walker (Meacham)

As I was growing up, I struggled with my name. I remember my friends would ask their parents if I could spend the night and they would go, "Devon? You can't have a boy over," and we'd have to explain. For a long time, I didn't even know that I was literally named after a boy. I just knew it was a "boy name" (although there are quite a few girl Devons these days — it's still seen as "masculine").

I also remember begging my adoptive parents to change my name to "Morgan." My other mom would say, "No way! One day a truck will be barreling down the road about to hit you and I'll yell 'Morgan, Morgan!' but you won't move because your name is Devon."

I'm so grateful that nobody took me up on that ridiculous plea.

At this point in my life, I have totally owned up to my name. I've even commemorated Devon Sawa, like on my Twitter, for instance. I love when people mention my unique name now because I laugh and say, "You ever heard of Devon Sawa?"

Devon Bennett's Twitter AccountDevon Bennett

I'm practically his publicist at this point. I doubt you can be around me for too long without hearing his name or about his movies. He did so much for me, without knowing, so I ought to return the favor!

You're welcome, dude. Cheers to you!

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