Hailing from Chicagoland, A Dozen Paces released their latest single,"Devils Daughter" on January 1st, and is the first song to be released off of the bands forthcoming EP "Skin and Bones," set to be released in April of this year.

Best described as "Rock and Roll with a punk rock heart, a bit of twang and a whole lot of soul," A Dozen Paces proudly considers themselves a "true Rock and Roll band." Drawing influences from a vast array of artists and genres - everything from The Stones to The Clash, from The Allman's to Johnny Cash - ADP has been steadily grabbing the attention of classic rock enthusiasts and music lovers of all kinds.

With their high energy live shows and their own, unique brand of rock and roll, A Dozen Paces has been rapidly expanding their following throughout the Midwest and is slowly making their way to the East Coast.

It was a great chance for me to explore more of my roots as well when A Dozen Pace's vocalist, David Manchen reached out to me about writing a review. "Devil's Daughter" is the classic rock this generation so desperately needs. Growing up with classic rock music, A Dozen Places brought me back to my childhood and back to a time when music was really music.

When I got a chance to speak to Manchen about the inspiration for "Devil's Daughter" and what is expected for the rest of the album, he said, "Musically, inspiration wise [for the EP], it's just the combination of all of our various influences coming together. Our drummer has referred to it as like a jacked up version of something out of the 50's, Memphis, Sun Studios era. Then you have the crazy, driven slide guitar going on, really can't find a way to explain it. Inspiration for the single: Wish I had a cooler answer but it's one that just kind of came to me quick. Some are kind of a fight to get out and some just kind of happen. I'd been stuck on thinking about a girl that had done me kinda wrong and the lyric "I've been dancing with the Devils Daughter" just started bouncing around my head and I toyed with it a while, almost went a few entirely different directions to be honest, at the time I hadn't yet put the full band back together and I was playing solo and it was almost a country song honestly but eventually it became what it is. It went from dwelling over a girl to actually having met a girl at the time so it's kind of an interesting dynamic."

A few things to look forward to from the band in addition to the new EP, is the rerelease of their 2016 EP, "Burn The Ships" which features their original lineup. Also coming soon is a release of a live set they performed at the Wire in Chicago.

To listen to "Devil's Daughter," click below:

Devil's Daughter, by A Dozen Paces

track by A Dozen Paces

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Upcoming dates include:

Jan. 11 - The Wire - Berwyn, IL

Jan. 27 - Crown Liquors - Chicago - /w Foresight

March 3rd - Elbo Room - Chicago

March 16th - Independence Tap - Chicago /w Wildcat

May 3rd-5th - Mini-tour through St. Louis, Nashville and Cincinnati