I fell in love with reading in the first grade because if I read enough books, I could get free tickets to the Diamondbacks game. It was called, "read your way to the ball park," and it was everything to me.

However, I figured out shortly after that that the baseball game wasn't the actual reward. The reward was that I got to immerse myself in these amazing stories that were in-between my hands.

When I got older, I started circling, highlighting, and writing notes next to things that I thought were important. I am able to even now look back on notes that I had written in high school and really see where my thoughts were.

Reading a book has really come a long way since my first grade days. People can now have thousands of books at the touch of their fingers with many different handheld devices. One of these popular devices is a Kindle.

According to digitalunite.com, a Kindle is a handheld device where you can download books and store them on your device. You can also write notes, underline things, and even change the size of the fonts. Some of these devices even include games. The kindle, along with many other handheld reading devices, are really amazing and have enhanced the experience for readers of all ages. However, even though they are amazing, they aren't for me.

I fell in love with reading for the classical and timeless feeling I got with a book between my hands. I love that its function was to be a book, not a device. I love that I could get completely immersed in a story without any distraction; like a low battery alert.

I love that it will always be, well, a book.

It will never crash. It will never run out of power, and it can never be deleted. I can have my notes forever without having to worry if it will die on me or crash. It will just be a book.

These handheld devices will always function as more than just a book, which is great for some people, and an amazing advancement. But for me, books remind me of history and my childhood, and I will forever hold books in my hand, not devices.