Detroit Tiger Season Preview
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Detroit Tiger Season Preview

What to expect this season from the Tigers.

Detroit Tiger Season Preview

As we draw closer to the start of the 2017 Major League Baseball season I wanted to give my outlook on the Detroit Tigers. Still, a lot of questions needs to be answered with this year's team by the start of opening day. The Tigers need to decide who will be the pitchers in the four and fifth spot in the starting rotation. Also, the Tigers need to figure out who will be the starting in center field. And some other concerns on top of what I just mention. First in regards to the fourth and fifth spots in the starting rotation last year those spots were held by Anibal Sanchez and Mike Pelfrey they have both struggled mightily this Spring Training with not controlling their pitches and ultimately giving up lots of hits to the opposing teams they faced.

Tigers fans hoped that maybe things would change in a positive direction with regards to performance on the field with Anibal Sanchez but it has not amounted to that. The last season Sanchez posted an ERA of 5.87 and a record of 7-13 and gave up the home run ball 30 times and only had 135 strikeouts. Sanchez also drew similar numbers that he had in 2016 to 2015. Sanchez at one time was the tigers most reliable pitchers on the team. They acquired him in a trade in 2012 and he provided the team with consistent play on the mound. Sanchez was one of the key pitchers in the rotation to help guide his team to the world series in 2012 and to the post season in 2013-2014. Sanchez won the ERA title in 2013 in the American League with a 2.57 and a record of 14-8. Hard telling why Sanchez has struggled the last few years maybe age has caught up with him finally. Tigers fans want to get rid of him the problem with that he is owed 16.8 million in 2017 just this season alone and if the tigers really wanted to part ways this year another team would have to fork over 21.8 million which would never happen in my opinion too much money and too much of a risk.

On the other hand, the Tigers overreached in signing Mike Pelfrey at the beginning of the 2016 season with a contract worth two years for 16 million. He was a decent pitcher before he came to Detroit but not worth the money he received. Another move that puzzles most Tigers fans this offseason was the tigers trading away Cameron Maybin a very important part of the team with his hitting and also his defense. His at bats in the everyday lineup put some punch in the batting order and when he got on base added great speed on the base pads also. But now the tigers still don't know where to turn regards to Centerfield. These are the candidates at the moment Tyler Collins, Anthony Gose, JaCoby Jones and Mikie Mahtook. With Collins and Gose they struggled to hit the baseball and in result, their batting averages are very low so it is very hard to depend on of them in critical situations. And with Jones and Mahtook they are good options but with not as much playing experience there would be a lot of growing pains throughout the season you would like someone very consistent out there that you could rely on. So getting rid of Maybin because of cutting payroll does not make any sense because you only owe him 9 million this upcoming season and now the tigers will be playing musical chairs with the center fielder position all season.

Some other observation on the tigers is that Justin Upton Left Fielder needs to step up this season and perform at a very high level because his statistics were very underperforming, to say the least. His batting average was 246 and he struck out 179 this past season. Upton got off to a really slow start to last season and he finally kicks it into gear toward the end of last year to finish strong. He did, however, hit 31 home runs but for Upton, it is hit or miss at times which is very troubling. The main complaint of Upton is that he signed a 6 year 132,750,000 and with that type of money he should be hitting at least a 300 batting average along with driving in 100 RBI's each year. Another thing to mention is that the tiger's bullpen must get better this season in order to contend for a playoff appearance. Francisco Rodriguez closer for the Tigers should have another solid season with the team.

I will now talk about some of the positive things with this years team. The tigers no question about it has the best hitter in baseball with future hall of Famer First Baseman Miguel Cabrera. Across the whole diamond, the tigers have very good hitters the likes of Right Fielder JD Martinez, Second Basemen Ian Kinsler, Third Basemen Nick Castellanos. Designated Hitter Victor Martinez is also a very excellent hitter. The tiger's lineup can be very scary if they all remain healthy. Now as the starting pitching goes the tigers have maybe one of the best top group of pitchers in baseball. Justin Verlander had a bounce back year in 2016 almost winning the American League Cy Young he was very impressive with having an ERA of 3.04 254 strikeouts and having a winning record of 16-9 and if he can reproduce those numbers again the tigers will be very successful. The surprise of the year came last year when Michael Fulmer came out of nowhere and was dominant for this team posted a record of 11-7 ERA of 3.06 he also claimed American league Rookie of the Year honors he has a bright future ahead in a tigers uniform. And finally, Jordan Zimmermann when healthy was very solid for the tigers last year he brings a great balance to the rotation when he is in their along with veteran presence to the younger pitchers on the team.

And finally, I will leave you some thoughts on not the players but the Tigers front office and coaches. First Manager Brad Ausmus will for sure be on the hot seat for the tigers this season because the team has missed the playoffs the last two seasons. totally unacceptable in my opinion. Ausmus lacks leadership in the dugout and it seems at times the team seems to act to casual and that is a reflection of the manager. Ausmus has no fire or motivation and as the manager, you have to put your players in line meaning when things go wrong you can't just sit on your hands and do nothing you have to take action and responsibility. And with General Manager Al Avila it has been a tough sledding since he has taken over the position. Some player signings have not gone his way and also fans including myself criticizing him over keeping manager Brad Ausmus which in my opinion has to do with some politics within the tigers front office not sure if they don't want any hurt feeling or what but when it is laid out right in front of you there needed to change and there was nothing done which it disappointing. And just recently as of last season Avila told reporters that anybody on the team could be traded including Cabrera and Verlander because they were thinking about doing a complete rebuild of the team that makes no sense because all the teams in the MLB would know exactly what the tigers plan were and that information should have never leaked out in the first place. That tells you right there, the front office has no idea what they are doing. The fans come see Cabrera and Verlander and if you get rid of them the tigers would lose a lot of money. But as I close my prediction for the season is that Detroit Tigers we be in third place in the American League Central Division and have about 80 wins. And at the end of the season, the tigers will fire manager Brad Ausmus. hope you enjoy the article comment down below your thoughts on the tigers for this upcoming season.

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