One thing I'm missing at school is my kitchen at home, but not nearly as much as I'm missing the home-baked sweets made there. I come across a lot of delicious looking recipes on Pinterest, and have started a baking board so I can make them the next time I'm home! Enjoy looking at these 10 recipes, but maybe not while you're hungry!

1. Soft and chewy oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

I "didn't like oatmeal" until about two years ago. Really, I just didn't want to try it. Now, I have to make up for all of those years and try these divine looking cookies. The best part about this recipe? No raisins!

2. Flourless pumpkin muffins

I'll do fall vibes (and smells!) any time of year. Also, they're flourless!

3. Brownie bottom cookie dough cheesecake bars

Starbucks used to sell a cheesecake brownie bar that was SO good, but I believe they have gotten rid of it as I never see them in the display case anymore. These look like the perfect substitute!

4. Cinnamon donut holes

My friend once made these for a holiday party, and they are gone within a couple minutes- and it wasn't because she didn't make enough! They were just that good!

5. Soft pretzels

Nothing can compare to Auntie Anne's, but these might do the trick until my next shopping endeavor at the mall.

6. Classic rice krispies

You really can't beat a homemade, classic Rice Krispie treat. This one specifically looks better than average, so I'm anxious to try it out!

7. Chocolate chocolate chip cookies

I'm hoping these are the solution to my horrible spending habit of buying double chocolate chip Insomnia cookies very often. These look just as delicious!

9. Funnel cakes

I'm very curious to see if homemade funnel cakes even compare to those at the carnival. With my baking skills, highly unlikely. But there's nothing some chocolate sauce and whipped cream can't fix!

10. Skillet s'mores

This will be perfect for the summer night I'm planning to have a bonfire, but then it starts raining.

If you weren't hungry when you started reading this article, I bet you are now! Please leave me a comment down below if you decide to try any of these recipes out for yourself! I would love to know your thoughts!