Function of Beauty, a company that has you take a "hair quiz" in which you build your own hair profile and pick five goals for your hair. These goals include things such as shine, deep condition, volumize, anti-frizz, hydrate, thermal and color protection, etc. From there, you choose a desired color as well as scent. You essentially create your own shampoo and conditioner that highlights every aspect of your hair. Having been searching for the perfect shampoo and conditioner combo, but never finding the perfect match, I thought this was the most ideal site for me.

I took a careful look at my hair and thought of everything I hoped to achieve with this new shampoo. My hair is naturally very curly so I created a profile that would benefit that as well as help me achieve other goals such as shine, anti-frizz, and thermal and color protection. I chose the mint scent that combines two essential oils for a relaxing scent mixed with a cooling sensation. Upon finishing your hair quiz you're able to select the frequency in which you receive your shampoo with free shipping included in all of them. (If you have shorter hair I recommend selecting the less frequent option).

And don't worry if your designed formula doesn't end up working for you, their customer service is amazing and will help you figure out a new formula or fully refund your purchase!

Having used the shampoo and conditioner for several months, I can safely say I see a major improvement in my hair. Not only am I able to combat the frizziness caused by frat basements, but my highlights last longer than they have in the past. Although the product seems a little pricier than your average drugstore shampoo, the benefits really outweigh the cost. For a college budget like mine, I've learned that it's better to splurge on the more expensive better quality products because those are the ones that benefit you the most as well as last the longest.