Deserved Better Than Lucille
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Deserved Better Than Lucille

The Walking Dead's season 7 premiere hurt. A lot.

Deserved Better Than Lucille


The Walking Dead has grown to become one of the most popular television shows of all time. Now on its seventh season with no signs of stopping, everybody was shocked by the season six finale that ended on a cliffhanger: the new villain, Negan, mercilessly beating someone with his beloved barbed-wire baseball bat, Lucille. The cliffhanger? The final portion of that scene was in a first person point of view, therefore we had no idea who had gotten Lucille-d.

The first episode of season seven premiered last night (this article will probably be published many days after I write this) and though I haven't found any stats on the ratings, I'm pretty sure this season premiere was one of the most popular, ever. It is titled "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be", a nod to one of Dr. Jenner's (that crazy dude from the CDC? Yeah, him.) last lines in the season one finale.

We all knew somebody was going to get their head beaten to a pulp by Negan and Lucille. There was a lot of conspiracies and fake spoilers leading up to the premiere, making all TWD fans scramble to prepare themselves for whatever they believed was the truth. But those who are familiar with the comics knew who would die. Though I am not someone who reads the comics, I follow people on Twitter who do. They knew what was coming. Many of us did not want to believe it, and prayed that this would be one of the very few times the show decided to go against what was canon in the comics.

If you haven't seen the season seven premiere and somehow haven't spoiled it for yourself yet, I recommend that you stop reading here.

The person who was killed by Lucille first, the one we saw in their point of view in the season six finale, was Abraham. Though I didn't have much of a connection with Abraham, his extremely calm and brave reaction to being picked by Negan was something really incredible. RIP to Abraham Ford, the coolest redhead on the show.

We all figured that Abraham's death was it. That was the only Lucille-ing we were going to see for tonight. Those of us who knew what story the comics told were rejoicing despite losing a core member of the group. Though Abraham was important, the person we all thought was going to die is the foundation of the group, one of the first and foremost leaders, one of the characters the show could never be the same without. But they had made it, hadn't they?

Then Negan, having already brutally murdered Abraham, continued his villainous rant about whatever villains rant about. At this point I was so scarred I wasn't really listening. That was when Daryl was provoked and stood up, trying to attack Negan. Negan had told them not to move and not to speak, and therefore Daryl was pretty much in some deep sh*t. I thought Daryl was going to bite the dust at this point, and since he was one of my favorite characters from any TV show, I found this moment to be extremely tense.

But Daryl got spared. Negan instead turned around very suddenly and beat the living hell out of Glenn Rhee. Not before we got to see Glenn's bloodied, mangled face look at Maggie one last time to say: "I'll find you."

So that was it. Glenn, who was Lucille-d in the comics, got Lucille-d through no fault of his own. I won't show you what he looked like on TV, but this is what was depicted in the comics:

Spoiler alert: the comic and TV depiction are about exactly the same.

Glenn Rhee, who saved Rick from that tank in Atlanta, who told us after devising a great plan to save Merle that he was just a pizza delivery boy before the world went to hell, who we saw get drunk for the first time at the CDC, who we watched fall in love with his soulmate Maggie, who was the soon-to-be father of he and his wife's child, who sacrificed himself countless times for the good of the group, who escaped death by zombies and psychos and everything in between, is gone. He, in the zombie apocalypse, did not die at the hands of a braindead zombie. He died from being beaten to death by a baseball bat held by a human being.

I know, I know, it was in the comics! The writers chose for his death to be this way. But for Glenn to die for something Daryl did, though somebody else had already paid the price, a 10 second, gruesome, inhumane death was not the right death for Glenn's character.

Not to mention, Glenn was one of the few POC on the show and the only Asian. He was great representation for minorities, especially those of Korean descent. Glenn was more than just the occasional comic relief and overall great character, he was important on many fronts. His death, though canon in the original storyline, was not the death Glenn Rhee deserved.

Though Glenn died because of Daryl's mistake and it was disgusting and way too inhumane and impersonal and just the absolute worst way for Glenn to die considering all the history he has with the show, I want to make a point that Daryl is still not to blame. Daryl has acted on impulse since we have met him. Daryl is extremely protective and when he is provoked, he does not think before he acts. Daryl stood up and tried to hit Negan because he was trying to protect the group. If Daryl had known that Glenn would have to pay for it, Daryl would have never made that choice.

The only person you should blame for Glenn's horrific death is Negan.

We have seen a lot of deaths on the show that really hit home. We watched Shane, Dale, Lori, Andrea, Beth, Hershel, and countless others snatched away from us to remind us that this is the apocalypse. There is no Superman to come save the day. The world the characters of The Walking Dead live in is primal and survival of the fittest. But many of our favorite characters did not die from the zombie virus. They died at the hands of other living human beings. More than anything, this is commentary on how no matter how 'civilized' our civilization may be, it doesn't take much for us to fall back into murderous instinct.

But Glenn Rhee deserved better. He deserved a death that was dignified, that gave him a chance to have his last words and last goodbyes, a death that came long after he met his unborn child and had a life with that child and his soulmate, Maggie. Negan even said: "you all thought you would grow old together". Despite everything, Negan is right. We all thought that Glenn would survive till the very end.

Not dying from the swing of a baseball bat laced with barbed wire. Glenn Rhee deserved a lot better than that.

Rest in Peace, Glenn. And a huge thank you to his actor, Steven Yeun, for being so incredible for the six years he was on the show. Glenn may be dead but Steven's career isn't!!

Also, f*ck you Negan. Seriously.

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