How You Deserve To Be Loved
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Time after time, I see my beautiful friends being treated like crap by some d****bag guy. Or I see my close guy friends being used by some manipulative girl. It seems like the stepping stone of loving someone has been stolen from the millennial pavement. Love is tender and kind. Love shouldn't be painful. It should be joyous, spontaneous and safe.

Love isn't texting 24/7 and having to check in where you are every ten minutes because God forbid you go out without him or her. Trust is key. You are allowed to go out with your boys or your girls a night a week and not get a guilt trip. It's completely normal and healthy to go out. Anyone that is constricting you from your friends is toxic. Either they are insecure or don't trust you...or themselves.

You deserve someone who knows how to love you when you're feeling sad. You shouldn't have to walk on egg shells when trying to explain how you feel. Or be scared of how they will react. When there is a problem in your life (which there will be) there should be no fear in your heart. Communication is apart of every healthy relationship.

You deserve an embracing type of love. You deserve someone who takes you into their open arms after every hello. You deserve a spark to electrifying your bones every time your fingers become intertwined with theirs.

You deserve to be spoiled. No matter what your past is, you deserve to be showered with gifts. Not just material things (even though objects are nice too) but the gift of memories. Go out and do something fun! Go to a concert or go to a sports bar, go out with mutual friends and spoil each other with memories. At the end of the day those tangible items won't be around but happy memories you can always look back on.

You deserve their word. When they say you have plans, you have plans. Stop accepting being ditched. You deserve consistency.

You deserve those diminutive, special kisses. Those small tokens of love add up big time. You shouldn't have to ask for affection. Granted some people aren't into PDA, which is totally cool, but if he won't even look at you when he's with his friends, you might have an issue.

You deserve to be safe. Obviously, nobody should put up with being beaten up psychically. Mentally too, though. You deserve mental safety. The person who loves you doesn't love you if he/she is always being a bully towards you. You shouldn't feel anxiety or unprotected while you're with that person. Or manipulating your words against you.

You deserve to live in reality not fantasy. You need a clear lens on the way things actually are in your relationship. Don't just see things how you wish to see them. If someone isn't treating you the way you deserve to be treated stand the f*** up for yourself. Buh-bye.

You deserve to be appreciated. You deserve to feel validated in your relationship. You don't deserve petty games. And when he or she does do something nice for you, you don't deserve to get that thrown back in your face.

You deserve to have your body respected. You don't deserve your nudes to be stained all over the internet. You deserve body worshiping.

According to Google, love means an intense feeling of deep affection. That definition to me doesn't magnify the true feeling of love. I think love is confused commonly to millennials as jealousy, over protectiveness and shout outs on Twitter. Define love for yourself and see if you are receiving love the way you wish.

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