What did we ever do to deserve dogs?

There have been many things that I have heard throughout my lifetime, but I think one of the most important, useful, and honest things that has ever stuck with me is the phrase, "A dog is a mans best friend".

Dogs have been apart of my life since I was born, and it has been one of the best and most important parts of my life. I can remember back to the time when i got to pick out my very first dog, Pepper. He was my best friend for years.

But I never really understood true love until I adopted my very own dog in December of last year, a dachshund named Scooby. He has become the light of my life already.

It was really important to me to get a dog for myself. I didn't plan on getting one until i lived in my own house, but then i heard of this dog needing a home in a shelter in Arkansas where he was recently injured.

I had no choice but to convince my parents and to ask my boyfriend to fly me to Arkansas to get this little guy. Of course my amazing parents couldn't say no to a dachshund and my perfect boyfriend would do anything for me (I really did hit the lottery there).

The first day with Scooby was spent with us getting to know each other, and it ended with him cuddled up completely against me in bed. Talk about the perfect dog. The only thing that was a struggle was the fact that he had an injured ear from his previous owners and that we still don't know what happened.

But I still see him as the perfect little guy to me and I cannot wait to see what our future together has to offer.

So if you have a doggo that loves you unconditionally, hold them tight because dogs are the future of the worlds happiness.