If you’ve been present on social media in the past week I’m sure you’ve seen what people are calling a “terrible mall commercial.” Honestly, it’s one of the most awkward and tragic things I’ve ever seen, but it is also the funniest video ever and I’ve probably watched it 20 times today. I’ve never seen seven people so hyped for back to school shopping but here they are.

1. Narrator girl

She’s sweet, cute and actually sort of in tune unlike every person in this video.

2. Denim lady

Those jeans are a bedazzled mess.

3. HAIRCUTS girl

Best singer of all of the sale’s people.

4. "Backpacks backpacks" girl that looks like young Miley Cyrus

Who is she? Is that young Miley or new Miley in disguise? Potential Twitter conspiracy theory thread???

5. Boots and pants porcupine hair guy

He's honestly so cute — I hope he's happy out there in the world.

6. New shoes with the zebra hair

OK, is she scared of the camera?

7. “Get yourself an outfit”

This outfit is ugly as heck like girl please that outfit is not cute. But all in all, this b*tch is me. She has a small amount of screen time compared to the rest of the people in the commercial, but the line is the most iconic. Get yourself an outfit girl is the greatest and underappreciated.

I love the old-timey microphone in all of the scenes. Who the heckie decided that? Honestly, I think I’ll ever have another sad day again because this video never fails to make me laugh. In under a minute my life could go from complete sh*t to pretty freakin’ great all because of “get yourself an outfit” girl and the shopping mall homies. Bookmark this video guys and gals because the terrible mall commercial is here to stay.