Feelin like I’m sitting cold in a shower with my clothes on.

Wake up, yup its just me, alone sitting cold in a hot a shower with nothing but my voices.

I can hear them pushing themselves further and further into my skull.

Will they ever leave? Probably not. Guess I’ll just deal for another millenia.

I begin to stare at a finite point in a room,

My eyes begin to twitch from side to side.

I start to realize what’s going on

And literally shake myself out of it.

Waiting for an answer to questions that may have no reaction.

Time and time again I wonder, does trying even matter?

Will they like me? Why should I care?

Pains cover my body as I begin to shiver. Is it cold in here?

My eyes begin to blur, why is that?

The bottle in my hand is coffee right?

I go back to what I know, what I was told is the right thing.

Do these constant changes even matter now, will what I say to this

New person even help. Or will the cycle begin again.

I feel unfinished and unkempt.

It’s as if I’m just a black hole waiting to filled with light.

Will the light ever come, or will I be filled with emptiness forever?