This was originally an 8 page essay I wrote for my English Comp 1 class and received a C on it I believe. Originally written back in early/mid 2017 when depression memes were thriving but Wholesome Memes seem to have taken over now in 2018, which is better than being sad people laughing at our sadness.
My favorite line in this is, "This show caused a new meme wave". Memes are so life changing, sister shook.

Whether you are scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you will see pictures or videos that went viral and have everyone laughing; this is known as a meme. Memes are a shareable image, gif, or video clip, often including text. They are an easy global inside joke, often referencing popular culture, or things that have ironic status. It's a big joke that everyone knows about, and anyone can change it to fit their idea. Memes are sort of like the funnies in the Sunday paper; only they're just one frame long. Memes commonly are silly jokes or related to current issues, but recently a new form of memes have been emerging: depression memes.

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