Presidential Candidates: Meet The Democrats
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Politics and Activism

Presidential Candidates: Meet The Democrats

A brief background and summary, of goals and accomplishments, of the democratic presidential candidates.

Presidential Candidates: Meet The Democrats

There are four Democrats who announced they are running for president, and 12 Republicans. Here’s a short summary of who the Democrats are, meet the Republicans is coming soon!

These summaries are all information from their official websites. Some candidates are focusing more on promises, some are focusing on what they have done, and some are mixing these approaches. I believe that the websites of these candidates and how they present their information shows a lot about them, so here's everything you need to figure that out for yourself.

The Democratic Candidates are Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley, and Lincoln Chafe.

Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton is from Chicago, Illinois. She graduated from Wellesley College, and went on to study law at Yale University. Clinton is the former Secretary of State, the former senator of New York, and the former First Lady of the United States.

So far, Clinton has the largest campaign. Her official vision for America is divided into four sections: building an economy for tomorrow, strengthening America’s families, defending America and our core values, and revitalizing our democracy.
  • In her plan to to build an economy for tomorrow, she promises to work toward: investing in an economy that works for working Americans, providing tax relief for working families and small businesses, raising the minimum wage, making college more affordable, and tapping new markets.
  • Strengthening America’s families refers to working toward closing the pay gap, fighting for LGBTQ rights, and calling for comprehensive immigration reform.
  • Clinton wants to defend America’s core values by giving the military more support, preventing a nuclear Iran, defeating ISIS, standing up to Putin, and holding China accountable.
  • Last but certainly not least, Hillary Clinton plans to revitalize our democracy. She plans to achieve this goal by protecting and expanding voting rights.

Bernie Sanders


Bernie Sanders is from Brooklyn, NY. He graduated from Brooklyn College and the University of Chicago. Bernie Sanders was a carpenter and a documentary film maker. He is currently the senator of Vermont, and was formerly the mayor of Burlington and a congressman of Vermont.


Bernie Sanders has divided his campaign goals into three parts: income and wealth equality, getting big money out of politics, and climate change and the environment.

  • Sanders acknowledges the fact that the economy has gotten better, but unemployment rates are too high. He also acknowledges that the United States has one of the most unequal wealth and income distributions. He has already started to work on the problem, with Bernie’s Bill to Break up the Banks, an attempt to prevent our economy from crashing in the event of the dissolution of one bank.
  • One of his campaign goals is to get big money out of politics. Sanders has promised that any Sanders administration Supreme Court nominee must commit to overturning the Citizen’s United Decision, the decision that basically gave corporations the green light to spend whatever they want on a candidate. Sanders has already started working toward this by introducing the Democracy for the People amendment and voting for the DISCLOSE Act.
  • The third of his main campaign focuses is climate change and environment. He has introduced the gold standard for climate change legislation, led the opposition to the Keystone pipeline, and secured billions of dollars to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Martin O’Malley


Martin O’Malley was born in Washington, DC. He graduated from Catholic University, and went on to study law at the University of Maryland. He is the former governor of Maryland, mayor of Baltimore, and assistant state's attorney of Baltimore.


Martin O’Malley promises to insist on a better government. He wants to do this by creating a productive government that focuses on the economy, American families, climate change, and the reduction of corruption.

  • His vision for the economy involves a fight for better wages, accountability to Wall Street, and reducing the amount of college debt.
  • O’Malley’s vision to support American families involves supporting women with maternity leave, equal pay, and affordable childcare. In addition, he has plans to reform our immigration system.
  • He believes that clean energy is a way to help fight against the threat of climate change and to take advantage of one of the biggest economical opportunities. He plans to create jobs in clean energy and limit the carbon emissions we put out.
  • O’Malley wants to put elections in the hands of the voters by embracing citizen-funded elections, restoring the Voting Rights Act, and tearing down voting barriers.

Lincoln Chafee


Lincoln Chafee is from Providence, RI. He graduated from Brown University with a degree in Classics. He also attended Montana State University’s Horseshoeing school, where he worked as a blacksmith. He worked in manufacturing and later went on to be a professional advocate for clean energy. He is the former Rhode Island Governor, Rhode Island senator, and mayor of Warwick.


Lincoln Chafee set his priorities to the aversion to foreign entanglements, protecting the middle class, the environment, and the protection of personal liberties.
  • Chafee wants to repair the harm done by the Iraq War. He plans to repair the loss of American credibility, the difficulty of providing care for veterans, and the loss of American credibility.
  • He recognizes that the middle class is a huge part of the United States, and a strong middle class is the foundation of a successful country. During his time as a senator, he voted against tax cuts that only favored the wealthy. He has supported incentives and protections that help to grow the middle class at local, state, and federal levels.
  • Environmental stewardship is clearly a big goal to a man who was a professional advocate for clean energy. He has already voted in favor of clean air and water, as well as the protection of vulnerable species. During his time as Rhode Island governor, his administration added open space and park land.
  • Chafee plans to protect our personal liberties. He places an emphasis on the fourth, eighth, first and second amendments. He makes a point to mention that the fourth amendment forbids the tapping of our phones without a warrant. The Eighth Amendment outlaws cruel and unusual punishment. He believes that a woman’s right to make her own reproductive decision is a part of her first amendment right. He also believes in a common sense adherence in the right to bear arms.

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