Demi Lovato had a overdose
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Demi Lovato Shows Us All That Mental Health Is An Ongoing Struggle

Mental health is a rollercoaster, and getting help is only a part of recovery.

Demi Lovato Shows Us All That Mental Health Is An Ongoing Struggle

From watching her on Disney Channel to memorizing the lyrics to all her songs, I've always been a huge fan of Demi Lovato. Of course, I had no idea the magnitude of the struggles she was facing yet she also was the role model I needed growing up.

Around the time after she got out of rehab in 2011, I was beginning to go see a therapist for my own depression and mental health issues. I've always admired how open she was about her struggles, and it did eventually encourage me to speak more about mine. Her song "Skyscraper" became my own personal anthem in my own time of need.

Demi continued to share her story with mental health illnesses and addiction as she gained her sobriety. If you haven't seen any of her documentaries, I really do suggest sitting down and watching them because they are so inspirational. Demi does not shy away from the fact she did struggle in the beginning and she was secretly using, even when she was on X Factor USA as a judge in 2012. The singer does not shy away from the fact her sobriety has been an uphill battle.

This year, she celebrated six years sober while on tour. I've always been amazed how despite what she is facing, she has been a voice for our generation to speak about mental health. I really do believe Demi Lovato is a driving force reducing the stigma that comes with mental health. These stigmas include assuming someone is crazy for going to see a therapist and causing that person who is truly suffering to refuse treatment because of the shame those who do not understand have placed on them. Demi has gone to Washington DC to speak to Congress about mental health reform and why there needs to be more aid for mental health patients.

However, things lately have not been on the bright side for the singer. Last month, Demi Lovato did release a new single, "Sober," which indicated she did relapse. The world gathered around and showed support for the singer, especially in a time when two other big-name celebrities took their lives.

Unfortunately, on Tuesday, July 24, Demi Lovato was rushed to a hospital for an apparent overdose an apparent overdose. Since then, it has been reported she is in stable conditions and among families as fans and other celebrities around the world sent their condolences via Twitter. It breaks my heart knowing she had come such a long way in terms of her recovery, but I'm not mad at her for what happened.

If anything, Demi Lovato's relapse shows all of us mental health is an ongoing struggle. We may think those, who are on medication or are in rehab, are magically healed because they are seeking professional help. That is not the case. Especially with celebrities, their lives might be exposed to all of us, but we are still not getting the full picture. I think that shows us how important it is to check up on those who seem to be strong. Everyone is vulnerable to depression and Demi Lovato showed that.

Yes, she did admit she had problems in the past but she was getting stronger. Those close to her have reported to TMZ that apparently she was pushing people away and closing herself off to everyone. She was spiraling and maybe it was a cry for help, who knows honestly. For all we know, Demi was struggling with her mental health for a long time but just reached a breaking point that literally caused her to break the 12-step recovery process.

It just goes to show how we all have to look out for one another. It is never healthy to keep things that are bothering us suppressed, so more stress can keep adding onto whatever problem you are facing just keeps building and building until we all break. Mental health is a rollercoaster, and getting help is only part of the recovery.

Speaking from someone who has depression, there are days where I feel like I am at an all time high but there are some days I want to just become invisible. My anxiety has a tendency to become stronger when I am just sitting around and doing nothing. I am working at ways to gain better coping mechanisms. I am constantly growing, facing new problems that test me, and slowly overcoming them.

I think that's where Demi Lovato's mental state is currently. I do believe she is going to go back to rehab to become stronger and continue being an advocate and role model because she always has shown the true side of mental health issues.

So Demi Lovato, from all your lovatics, we're not mad. We just want you to be healthy and okay again. Please do not feel like you've let us down because we understand mental health is never perfect. We all slip up now and then, but we are all here to support you the best we can.

If you or someone else you know may be struggling, do not be afraid to approach them about it. It is worth more getting that person mad when you confront them rather than losing them to their disease.

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