36 Demi Lovato Quotes To Help You Stay Positive

36 Demi Lovato Quotes That Prove She Is The Role Model We All Need, Even Though She Is 'Only Human'

Everyone makes mistakes, and we should be thankful that she's still with us.


After the tragic news that Demi Lovato has suffered a drug overdose, I think it's important to remember how much love and positivity she has worked to spread through her music over the years.

Everyone makes mistakes, and we should be thankful that she's still with us. May we all wish her a speedy and safe recovery.

1. “Love yourself and treat yourself as you would treat your very best friend. You deserve the same love you give to others.”

–Demi Lovato, Staying Strong

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3. “Life is precious and it's what you do with it that keeps you alive on the inside.It's not enough just to live and take that gift for granted.Each one of us has fears,but the more we work to overcome them, the more we are able to enjoy our lives.”

–Demi Lovato, Staying Strong

Kid Rahls Unbroken

5. “Life can be so difficult at times, but fighting through the pain is so worth it. It's better to feel every kind of emotion than not feel at all.”

–Demi Lovato, Staying Strong

6. “Be who you are and don't allow anyone to affect the confidence you have in your individuality.”

–Demi Lovato, Staying Strong

7. “Every life has a purpose. Share your story and you may help someone find their own.”

–Demi Lovato, Staying Strong

8. "My words of encouragement for teen girls suffering with eating disorders, self-harm, anything..is to get help. It's the most thing you can do for yourself, and it can do for yourself, and it can change your life, potentially save your life."

–Demi Lovato, Staying Strong

9. “Sometimes thoughts, fears, or other people get too loud and we can’t hear ourselves. Change the negative, self-loathing thoughts to positive, self-affirming ones. When you’re positive about yourself and everything around you, you begin to see the world in a different light. Your life today is what you make of it.”

–Demi Lovato, Staying Strong

10. “Make sure you aren’t living out your fears, but releasing them. Try to remember that there is a purpose for every hardship or opportunity in your life.”

–Demi Lovato, Staying Strong


12. “Use the voice that you were given. Shout what you believe in from the top of your lungs. Never let anyone quiet you.”

–Demi Lovato, Staying Strong


14. “It’s so easy to get caught up in wanting success, wealth, and fame. If that’s the kind of recognition you seek in life, it won’t last because it’s not authentic. We are here to be of service, to be of value, and to help others in our own unique ways. Success doesn’t define who we are. It’s only a reminder of what we can achieve.”

–Demi Lovato, Staying Strong


16. “If you don’t love yourself for your flaws and imperfections, you can’t expect anyone else to either. Sometimes the very thing we are most insecure about is the feature that people like the most about us. You’re not supposed to look like everyone else. We are each made differently, so find whatever flaw or imperfection you have and start embracing it because it’s part of you. Goal: Be proud of your originality. There’s no one else in the world that’s like you.”

–Demi Lovato, Staying Strong


18. “A smile can save a life.”

–Demi Lovato, Staying Strong


20. “Even if you don't believe in God and you're praying to the Universe, you're being honest with yourself. Putting your energy into the world shows that you are open to change, to learn, and to receive help.”

–Demi Lovato, Staying Strong

21. “You never know how strong you are until until being strong is the only choice you have."

–Demi Lovato, Staying Strong

22. “Every experience is we go through is there to teach us, to humble us, an to help us grow.”

–Demi Lovato, Staying Strong

24. “A smile can save a life. Did you know that there’s scientific evidence that smiling can boost your immune system and help you live a longer and happier life, not to mention that it makes the people around you happier too because smiling is contagious? There was a time I was going through security at an airport and out of nowhere a TSA agent smiled at me, and it changed my entire day. When you make someone else’s day brighter, it makes your day better too. Goal: Smile often—you never know whose day you will brighten. You never know the impact one smile will have on someone’s life.”

–Demi Lovato, Staying Strong

25. “If we wait for the moment when everything, absolutely everything is ready, we shall never begin.”

–Demi Lovato, Stay Strong

26. “Having all the wisdom and advice in the world doesn't mean we all won't have the occasional bad day. If someone isn't in the best mood and they're short with you- it's not your fault. Let them cool off. We all have days like that. Take a break and decompress. it'll pass. Goal: If you're having a bad day, unplug and relax. Take some time for yourself.”

–Demi Lovato, Staying Strong

27. “Assess your character. Be certain that you’re not modeling yourself after someone, but just being who you are meant to be. go ahead, be weird because “normal” is boring!”

–Demi Lovato, Staying Strong

28. “Each and every one of us is on this earth for a reason. No two people are alike. We are all perfectly made and created to do what we’re meant to do in this world. You are precious, you are unique, and you are special, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Goal: Celebrate the ways in which you are special and unique.”

–Demi Lovato, Staying Strong

29. "There needs to be more variety on television so young girls growing up don't feel pressured to look one specific way. Tall, thin, curvy, short, whatever you are, you are beautiful."

–Demi Lovato

30. "What, I'm supposed to succumb to your ideal image of what thin is? No. I'm gonna stand above that and I'm gonna be who I am and be a role model for these girls."

–Demi Lovato, Staying Strong

32. "Love is stronger than the pressure to be perfect."

–Demi Lovato, Staying Strong

33. "It's gonna be okay, no matter how hard your rock bottom is, you can rise above it and you can come back."

–Demi Lovato, Staying Strong

34. "You can turn your life around. You can go through hell and back. It is possible. Never underestimate yourself. I believe in you."

–Demi Lovato, Staying Strong

36. "Whatever you dream of doing one day, don't give up on that dream because you never know where it can take you."

–Demi Lovato, Staying Strong

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