Demi Lovato was hospitalized for an apparent heroin overdose on Tuesday, July 24. Though she is reportedly stable and awake, many of her fans are still worried for her. It was no secret that she had a troubled past with drugs, but she was supposedly sober and was living a healthy life. Demi has been an inspiration to many and her recovery was merely a part of it. Personally, I found her story to be quite empowering and applauded her for making her life so public in order for her fans to know the hard truth. This relapse has been just another one of those truths.

What I have truly hated about everything is the people that have been so quick in making her a scapegoat for all those artists that have had shortcomings, or worse, died but no one has defended. The most common being XXXTentacion, people tried shaming Demi's fans for supporting her during this tough time with comments like "Sure, but when X died, everyone kept saying he had it coming!" This is truly unacceptable. Though I'm sure the death of XXXTentacion hurt many of his fans, the fact that some are willing to use their anger to blind and even overpower the positivity that Demi's fans have been trying to show is beyond me. I feel for your loss, but time has passed and so has that conversation. Though moving on is hard, you should not let your feelings blind you and let people support who they support in peace. Everyone has the freedom to love whichever artist they choose, let them do it in peace.

I truly hope the Demi Lovato understands that her fans love and support her throughout this tough journey. I wish her a speedy recovery and send much positivity her way.