What Happened When I Deleted The Facebook App

"Storage Almost Full, You can manage your storage in Settings," is a sentence I see on my phone every day. However, I love to make time lapse videos of artwork that I do, and taking long videos on an iPhone takes a ton of storage.

While working on a time lapse this week, my phone had so little storage, I could only take about five minutes' worth of video at a time, so I decided it was time to clean out my iPhone storage. I looked at which apps were taking the most storage: Photos, Spotify and Facebook.

The first thing to go was over a thousand pictures. From phone to computer. I kept about eighty or so, which sounds like a lot, but it was an incredibly difficult cut.

Next was to take all my Spotify playlists off of offline mode, so I had no music downloaded to my phone.

Then to delete the Facebook app.

Doing so freed up so much space that I was able to record my mural painting. But as someone who spent way too much time on Facebook, deleting the app was a change.

I was hoping that a side-effect of deleting the Facebook app would make me more productive. But I'm not really sure that it did. I ended up scrolling through the same Instagram posts multiple times and reading more of the magazines on Snapchat. I also downloaded Trivia Crack and Duolingo (which is arguably a better use of time because at least I was learning random trivia and Spanish...? And they take up way less space on my phone).

I guess the victory of this story depends on what the goal was.

If the goal was to have more storage on my phone: achieved.

If the goal was to spend less time on my phone: negative, Ghost Rider. I'll have to keep working on that one.

If the goal was the spend less time on Facebook: definitely achieved. As I rarely go on Facebook on my actual computer, I realized that I was only logging on for about five minutes every other day.

I won't look into it too much, though I do miss watching funny dog videos throughout the day. And I'm not even sure I'd recommend deleting social media apps (as I've read several articles of people saying that doing so has been a great idea). But it has opened my eyes to the addiction I have to that app, as I knew I loved it but didn't realize how much time I was spending on it.

At least I plan to have the mural finished this week and can figure out if I'm missing it enough to re-download.

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