Delete These 4 Words Against Women
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Delete These 4 Words Against Women

At the end of the day, words speak loudly.

Delete These 4 Words Against Women

There are several words in the English language that are used incorrectly by Americans. I am going to speak about a select few, but that does not mean that those other words are irrelevant or somehow don’t matter as much. I am just speaking about a few that have affected me.

What are the words?

The words are slut, whore, cunt and bitch.

All of these terms are used negatively against women. Many women brush these words off when they are used in conversation, or when we are even talking about other women. But all women take these words offensively (whether they will admit it or not).

I recently was at a rock and roll show, hanging out with my friends, with plenty of males and females around. Before the main act made their way to the stage, I made my way closer to the front and found a good spot to stand, where I could see and was comfortable with the amount of space around me.

The concert was at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey, which is a small venue, but it is always packed to capacity. The number of people in the room always keeps the energy up.

There were a few guys in front of me, drinking and hanging out. None of them were noticeably or obnoxiously drunk. I didn’t hear any words being slurred. A few minutes later some people needed to get by these guys and a girl sort of pushed her way past. After she was out of their sight, the one guy says to his friend, “That girl just punched me in the ass! What a b****! That c***.”

I stood there just a few feet behind him.

I bit my tongue.

I clenched my fists so tight that I was hurting my own hands.

To the guy that said this terribly pathetic and aggravating statement, who do you think you are?

First of all, a girl pushes past you in a terribly crowded concert venue and you call her these things? For what reason? To feel powerful? To feel manly? Cool?




That, my friend, is not how those words work.

You are not helping the current situation in our culture by using these words for no apparent reason. That is how things become misconstrued and misunderstood. When powerful words such as these are used so unnecessarily, it gives others around you the idea that it’s okay to use them that way. And it is not okay to use them that way.

On another side of things, big deal, the girl hit you in the ass. Do you know how often females have to deal with guys touching their asses in crowded spaces? At frat parties? In bars? At concerts?

Hint: It’s often.

So stop complaining about a girl who pushed past you. Women have to deal with guys who think they are entitled to our bodies all the time. Way more often than this one time at a concert venue that this girl pushed past you.

So suck it up; we as women do it all the time.

At the end of the day, words speak loudly. You can say things in a joking manner and words like these will still be held very strongly and possibly hit people more than you realize. I want to mention that I am not attacking the male gender, but most times that I hear these words it has come from males. However, I am fully aware that females also use these words incorrectly and unnecessarily.

So, to all genders, please become conscious of the words that you are using. This not only goes for these negative words against the female gender, but any against the male gender, or against any race, religion, or sexuality.

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